Who Am I?

Welcome to A Cup of Joe! This is a new blog which I will use to talk about whatever happens to come to mind. I hope that everyone will follow and read on a regular basis! I think to start with it would be appropriate to introduce myself. After all, would everyone not like to know more about who they are reading about??

I am a husband. I have been married to a wonderful wife, Robyn, for just over 10 years now. We met via an online bulletin board system (BBS) that I ran with my father. We were playing a game online called Legend Of the Red Dragon (LORD). We started chatting in the game and soon after she said she wanted to see the movie Jerry Maguire. I also wanted to see the movie so I said I would take her. We met in the Kroger parking lot and went to a Chinese restaraunt for dinner. We got to dinner and there was snow on the ground from flurries which had been occuring. We had a wonderful dinner with a fascinating story about a dried red pepper. She asked me if she should eat it. Of course I said yes! She ate it and then ended up having to drink multiple glasses of water to try and put out the fire. It was a very funny scene, even if the waiter did almost spill water all over me. She says to this day that that is what made me love here. I’m not sure if that was it but it sure did not hurt anything. We left and the snow had all been melted, a sure sign of how great a future we had in front of us now that I look back on it. We went to the movie and had a great time. I think it was more than just a coincidence that her best friend happened to show up at the same theater, same showing, same time as we did. She claims she knew nothing about it but I’m still not sure I believe her! I think we both knew it was love at first sight.

I am a father. I have a very cute and adorable 2 year old daughter named Katie. I am just amazed by her every day. Seems like she is always learning something new and growing way to quickly. It took us seven years to have a child so I often think of her as a miracle child. We hope to have more children but realize it may not be in the cards. If it is not then I am okay with that.

I am a Christian. I have always believed in God and prayer but until the last 2 years or so had not been regularly active in any church. This changed shortly after we had our daughter as we both knew all along we wanted to raise any children we had in a good church. We have found an excellent church family that we absolutely love and adore. Going to church has become a regular part of life and I could not imagine it any other way. I have become active in the church and help out with several different ministries in the church. I believe the best way to show Katie how important church is is to make sure I myself am involved in church.

I am a sports lover. My favorite sport is football. I am a huge Ohio State fan. They are the one team I root for who I know will always be good year in and year out. Sure, they lose occasionally, but they are always in the running for their conference championship and big time players nationally. I go into every game knowing they will win. Of course when they lose it makes for a disappointing weekend. If they lose to someone like USC or Texas, someone respectable it’s not as disappointing. But if they lose to a team they should never lose to, like Purdue or Indiana, wow… It may be more then a disappointing weekend, it might extend into the next week! I also root for the Bengals, Reds, and Dayton Flyers in college basketball. As you can see, the other teams don’t usually hold up their ends of the bargain as well as OSU does. When they do good I am always waiting for reality to return.

I am a outdoors person. Never been camping per se but think it would be fun. I do like to spend a lot of time walking in parks and woods, watching for birds and wildlife. I like to sit outside on cool days and watch nature. Why be indoors when you can be outdoors enjoying life?

I am a reader, when I have time anyway. I like to read all kinds of things – mystery, sports related books, drama, inspirational books, etc. John Grisham is my favorite author although James Patterson is also high on my list. I don’t have as much time as I like to read but maybe someday that might change.

I am a cook. I love to cook, especially when I find new recipes to try. I don’t get to do this as much anymore as I recently had gastric sleeve weight loss surgery and don’t eat much. My wife just has also had the weight loss surgery so we really don’t eat much. But I do still like to try new recipes and spend time baking and cooking.

Well – while I don’t think that is everything about me I think that is definately a good start. As I write more I hope you will learn more about me and I will hopefully learn more about you along the way!

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4 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Don’t forget, you’re oldest friend is a loud mouth psycho. You know you love me Joe. You’re like the little brother I never had. Get ready for me as a regular reader.

  2. Have you not read my blog? I’ve totally lost my mind. Anything I can do to support my brother from another mother, I’m on board.

  3. Christy says:

    I like the name for the blog! I will be reading!

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