Two wrongs do not make a right

I like to believe that you should always do the right thing in life, even if the right thing has not been done towards you. Unfortunately I seem to be in the minority on this.

I recently got the opportunity to meet my grandmother from my mothers side of the family, just before she passed away. I was glad for the opportunity to meet her and also sad at the same time that I did not really get to know her. My parents decided that they were not going to associate with that side of the family. I don’t know the reason and don’t need or want to know the reason. I am sure they did exactly what they thought they had to do for the best interest of their children. I can understand that as I would do the same thing if I felt it was in the best interest of Katie.

When the obituary comes out in the paper the family has conveniently forgotten to list my mom in the obituary. Other surviving children are listed. I can totally understand they probably felt she had chosen to ignore them for all these years so they were going to chose to do the same now. But this upsets me greatly as I know it is going to hurt my moms feelings. I know she cared for her mom and was upset when she learned she had passed. And now she basically has to see the obituary for her mother which basically denies her existence.

I know a lot of this has to do with the story I don’t know. But it would seem like to me there would be no harm in mentioning my mother as being one of the deceaseds children. If only people would sometimes take time to ask what is the right thing to do and not just act based upon hurt feelings and perceived slights the world just might be a much gentler and kinder place.

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3 Responses to Two wrongs do not make a right

  1. joec0321 says:

    You are so right. It hurt me too that they did not list her.

  2. rc0321 says:

    The last comment was from me… apparently it logged me in as you and I did not realise

  3. Kaity says:

    I agree Joe, there is no harm in listing someone’s name… Even if they haven’t associated with that person in many years. She’s still a surviving child. Unfortunately, immaturity rules almost everyone including adults.

    I realize this is a little different of a spin, but my dad [whom has refused to talk to me since 2007 when I got married and asked him to share walking me down the aisle with my step dad because he had done more for me than my real dad and raised me] felt the need to email me and state that it was rude that I did not include him on the baby registry as a grandparent. Stating that I should only list “real” grandparents. Implying that my step father wasn’t “real”. I just find that people, even adults, can have a certain mind set and that mind set is simply immature. All you can do is pray for them and continue to do the right thing in your life.

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