Year That Has Been

Wow! It’s certainly been a while since I last posted. Has anyone missed me?

We are just a few hours away from 2011 being a thing of the past. This year sure has flown by extremely quickly. Hard to believe it is over.

2011’s biggest event for me started exciting and then ended being very sad. My wife Robyn became pregnant which was very exciting. We had been trying to have a second child and thought we were going to be successful. Unfortunately it turned out not to be. At a routine appointment when we went for an ultrasound there was no heartbeat found. The child that was supposed to be due on December 26th never came. It seemed like it had to be meant to be true. After all, December 26th just happened to be 15 years exactly of the day Robyn and I first met in a dark, cold parking lot under a street light. Instead I found myself picturing what should of been and constantly reminding myself to focus on what is the here and now and not what could of been or should have been. I don’t want to miss a second of Katie’s joy and love and focusing on what should of been would take away from the experience of that. I know all things happen for a reason under God’s plan. I have a few theories on what may be the reason but I will never know what the true reason is until God decides to reveal that. I do know two things. First, God’s plan for me does not match the plans he has for Jim Bob Duggar. How I would love to have 20 kids! Second, before this occurred when I thought of death many years down the road I only had dread and fear about it. Now I look forward to it as being the time when I finally will get to meet my second child. I don’t want that to be anytime soon obviously but when my time is done here I no longer look at that with fear and dread.

2011 also saw me get more involved with my church. I wanted to become more involved for two reasons. I thought it was more impactful on Katie to see a Dad who is lives the example of faith and church being important. But also really felt like I wanted to be more involved in all the great things my church does. We are doing something on a weekly basis for the most part. I still feel like it’s not truly anything huge so maybe there is still something out there that I am supposed to find that is for me.

Katie has grown way to quickly. It’s amazes how far she has come. She continues to amaze me daily with the things she says and has learned. She says things that make me laugh based on the silliness and also amaze me that she has learned such a large word or logic path and how to use it. She has started in learning gymnastics and ballet and seems to love every minute of it! You never realize how quickly they grow until you wish they would stop growing!

At work the year was pretty uneventful. Robyn joined the department I am in. I find this pretty exciting even if we are never there at the same time as each other. But her desk is much closer now so I can steal the snacks she keeps hidden in her desk from me!

Overall the year was not overly eventful. But I will take that over some of the other possibilities that exist!

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