Sesame Street Teaching About Divorce?

Sesame Street is airing an episode of their show online which will talk about divorce. While I think Sesame Street is an excellent show and very educational, I don’t think I would want a television show teaching my child about divorce.

I may not be the best person to have a say on this as thankfully I have never experienced a home affected by divorce. Neither as a child or as a parent. But to me this seems to be a topic that parents should be teaching their child about, not some television show. I think something that affects a family as much as divorce does is something that should be talked about and taught by parents.

Parents are better able to explain the situation. They know their child and can personalize the message to the child and their situation. Not every divorce is the same. Not every family situation is the same. Teaching letters and numbers is going to be the same. 1-10, A-Z, no gray areas. But divorce? There are definitive gray areas.

Some people say this is more so children are aware that they are not alone if they are in a divorced family. But I think that becomes very evident as children get around other children in preschool, church, neighborhood friends, or even cousins. Do we really need a television show to fill a need that children are probably already aware of?

I think unfortunately this is another step in the direction of parents relinquishing responsibilities that they should be taking on. Much like expecting teachers to teach children when the parents have done nothing to teach them on their own.  There are some things that parents need to step up and teach children about. It makes a much more powerful impact and more effective when the parents are involved in the teaching.

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One Response to Sesame Street Teaching About Divorce?

  1. Atypical Aryan Librarian says:

    I think Sesame Street and similar programming is has sort of taken the place of parenting in general and that’s really the bigger issue anyway. Sure counting is the same, but its till shouldn’t be taught by the television. The kids getting the greatest impact from this probably don’t have any of those resources you mention. The ones who do have a parent standing behind them when the divorce episode comes on to explain it in context.

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