Five Events That Shaped Me in 2012

As we come to the end of 2012 it’s a good time to look back and think about the important events that happened during the year that helped shape who we are. For me some of those important happenings are as follows.

  • My daughter really started to show she shared an interest in sports. She started this past spring when she joined the YMCA soccer team. She has continued with playing baseball, fall soccer, basketball, and is registered for indoor soccer starting in January. Is she an all star? Nope. But she does have a lot of fun and looks forward to playing and even practicing at home. She enjoyed going to baseball games with me during the summer, high school football games, and college basketball games. She has even taken an interest in watching on television and sharing in my excitement as the teams win. This helped us to have another common interest which allows our strong bond and relationship to continue to grow.
  • I got up the courage to coach the youth sports teams. I sat on the sidelines and watched the spring soccer season. I didn’t know anything about soccer because I have never played or even watched the game. I enjoyed watching her play. When it came time to register her for baseball, I decided to sign up as the assistant coach which quickly came to me to being the head coach. I learned that the biggest thing is having fun with the kids. Sure, we are there to teach the basics of the game. And to keep the kids safe but as long as the kids are having fun they are enjoying themselves and that is the most important thing. It gave me the courage to coach the fall soccer she signed up for and it turned out to be the funnest group of the three I have coached so far.
  • I started teaching children’s ministry on a monthly basis at church, started helping out in another ministry where we meet with kids in 4th through 6th grade on a regular basis, and also started mentoring a student in the confirmation process. Previously I had been teaching only on the 5th Sunday of the month which did not occur every month. Now teaching monthly has increased my confidence in teaching the class. It has allowed me to know the children better. Not only do we have fun but we get to teach all about Jesus and his love for us. It allows me to know what is going on and what my daughter is being taught as well so I can ask her about what she learned even in weeks I’m not teaching and fill in the blanks for her if there are any. Helping with the older kids and the confirmation process has also helped increase my knowledge and understanding of the Bible. The 4th through 6th graders because they can ask some thought provoking questions. The confirmation process has helped with my understanding because I review the lesson ahead of time and try to make sure I have an understanding of it so that I can explain it and answer any questions. All of this has greatly helped me in my growth as a Christian and also helped me to be better equipped me to share my faith and religion with my daughter along the way.
  • I started a new job with my company in September. The position was a job which I have turned out to love and had a very flexible schedule. It’s Monday to Friday where the previous schedule I had to work every other Saturday. The Saturday was an issue with conflicting with a lot of my daughters events so I was always having to scramble to try and switch my schedule or burning vacation and holiday time to use so I could be at her events. In my previous position I had felt I had learned all I could in the current position but most of the openings that came about had more of a conflict with the daughter’s activity schedule. I was beginning to think maybe I was needing to take an opening anyway. But this position coming open and me getting that position was God’s way of rewarding me for my patience. The old adage good things come to those who wait was proven true.
  • I learned that when trying to focus on your place in life, you need to be more focused on how those you are interacting or working with look at you. I had questioned how I was affecting the people around me in the different areas I was involved and questioned whether I was truly making a difference. It was not until I tried to look at the way that those I was working with and doing things for viewed my contributions did I realize I was truly accomplishing something and impacting those around me. Even though those tasks I was completing seemed simple and something anyone could do to me, they really meant something when I looked back at them from a different view point. This just reinforced the point to me that when I want my daughter to understand how important she is that I need to make sure to constantly reinforce the positive things she does and make sure she realizes that I see and appreciate those things even in cases where she may think they are small things.

There are many other things that occurred which probably had a large impact on who I am that I am overlooking. Or that I just have not realized how large of an impact they have had yet. I am excited about the things that will occur in the coming New Year and how those things will affect me.

What about you? What things have impacted you and who you are?

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