My Political Christmas Wish List

There are a lot of hot topics in the news lately that our national government is focusing on as hot topics currently. The fiscal cliff. Gun control. National defense. Health care. Those are all important topics. But I think there is one thing that could make the biggest difference of all if they would be able to accomplish it.

That one thing that would be on my political Christmas wish list would be for the politicians to agree to set aside the political party bias that plays such a big role in politics today. When an idea or issue comes up, everyone is quickly to line up along with everyone else in their party. No one looks at an idea or an issue and judges it for what is worth, it first must agree with what their political party agrees with.

Do I honestly think this will ever happen? No I don’t but I can certainly dream, right? I’ve often said that the absolute worst thing to ever happen to politics was organized political parties. The politicians are so concerned with getting reelected that they have to follow their political parties stance and agenda. If they fail to do so they run the risk of losing support and money for when they come up for reelection once again. I understand this but I also understand that it makes it less likely that people are going to look at an idea or issue with an open mind.

The closest we get is when we have a split government where the democrats control the Congress and the republicans control the Senate. This however still accomplishes nothing in most cases because in most cases an idea has to pass both houses before it becomes effective. Even if you have both houses controlled by the same political party it is difficult to get anything past because the party that is not in control still tries to defeat the ideas because they are bitter they do not have the majority.

So how about you? What do you think would be the best possible thing to occur in our political system?


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One Response to My Political Christmas Wish List

  1. Eddie Zigmann says:

    I think we need to reset The Gov System start over a Clean Slate

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