NRA’s Pitiful Response to Newtown, CT Tragedy

So one week after the horrible tragedy in Newtown, Ct the NRA decides to comment on what occurred. Funerals, memorials, and wakes are still going on. We are days away from families celebrating Christmas with unopened presents left under the tree for the innocent children who were lost in some senseless, horrible crime. Many people and places honored the victims with moments of silence at the exact time the tragedy occurred.

Yet the NRA takes this time to comment that they feel the solution to the problem is to have more guns allowed in schools. With being as a large and enthusiastic group as they are they truly had the chance and the opportunity to do good in making headway in trying to make our world safer. Instead they decided to stick their head in the sand, act as if there was no problem, and then come up with a resolution which would only serve their purpose and possibly make them more money.

Did I expect them to come out and say outlaw guns? Did I expect them to come out and blame guns in general for the tragedy? No. I understand guns don’t kill people, people do. But the fact is that people are not stable, they make errors in judgement, and they some people are mentally unstable. Those are all true because we sin. And even if they do ban or outlaw semi-automatic weapons and above I know they will still be people out there with them. But there would be a lot fewer of them out there. That is certainly a step in the right direction. And lets not overlook if these guns were not legal the mother of the shooter may not of have such high power weapons. Without the high power weapons the shooter would of done a lot less damage, if any at all.

I know NRA and some of their supports do believe armed guards in school would be the best solution. I have even seen Facebook postings stating how few school shootings there are in Israel because teachers are armed. The same posting says that even though guns don’t kill students the evil doers just strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up. So are you saying you’d rather have a bomb explode around several kids rather than a gun toting person coming into the school? Neither is acceptable but I think the gun toter is going to kill less than the suicide bomber. The Israel comparison still is not valid however. The US has way more murders from guns than any country in the world. So if that is the case the general theory is going to say there will be fewer school shootings in other countries simply because there are not as many gun murders in the overall country, regardless of what the teachers are or are not armed with.

Two other issues with the armed guards in our schools. First, do we really want our kids going to school and being reminded of the possibility of the evil in the world that could possibly hurt them? School is supposed to be a safe house. A place innocent children can go and learn and have fun. Secondly, putting armed guards in schools also puts children in danger for two reasons. The armed guards could turn out to be the one who decides to go on a rampage. Schools, churches, youth sports leagues all do background checks. But the background check only shows something AFTER the person has done some for it to show. And secondly, I don’t think any of us want our kids to be caught in the cross fire between some armed guard and someone trying to do them harm. Bullets stray. They hit the wrong people and the wrong things. Just look at the friendly fire deaths in any war.

Do I think stricter gun control laws will resolve the issue? No I don’t. But neither will the NRA proposal. Their proposal only goes to show they have no interest in doing anything other than supporting their cause. 52% of Americans in the most recent polling favor stricter gun laws. If the NRA really wants to earn credibility and show they are truly interested in the overall good they need to rethink their position and work to come to a compromise. They can be just as important as they are now, possibly more so, if they will only work to come to a reasonable solution and help get the guns off the streets which no person needs to have to begin with.



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One Response to NRA’s Pitiful Response to Newtown, CT Tragedy

  1. I respect your opinion and always defend your view points. However this is a mute subject in some ways. Several high schools already have armed officers at them now. Wayne and Northmont have had them for some time now..I understand your opinions are.your right. And you have every right to express them, however its not the NRA’s job to solve the problem. Since they are not at fault for this terrible tragedy..
    They are at least sensitive to the issue in more ways then those who look for things to blame in an effort to push their personal political views at the expense of those children. I was watching the first reports of this tragedy at work. And within 5 mins of the first broadcast, gun control was mentioned more than the children. These politicians were more interested in their personal agenda then the kids who had been killed.
    The attorney general in Ohio had already recommended the same thing the day before. And the governor has also suggested the same thing himself. Is that the answer, I don’t know. But banning guns will no longer work in this country. There are 300 million guns in public hands now. A little to late for that to make a difference. That includes at last estimate 3 and a half million of the same rifles used in that shooting by itself..
    Joe as you know I am an NRA member myself and very proud of it. Do I agree with everything they do or say, no. But I agree with what they stand for. History will tell you that every government that bans guns for the general public does not stop there. As we saw not long ago with this same bunch telling religious groups the should pay for abortion. Think how you would feel if an atheist told you prayer should be banned..What you say , well they could argue rightfully so that more wars have been started because of religious believes than any other. And they would be right.
    Do I think we should give teachers guns. Only is trained and certified. As for stray bullets, Cops are going to have to shoot when they get there also..
    I am a CCW holder myself and have been certified to carry firearms . As is your Mom. And I can assure you and God knows, if I had been there I would have given my life to have protected those kids. Because I would have been able to respond with the force that the situation called for. However with guns not allowed there. I would not have been able to do that. As far as exposing kids to the evil in the world, well then we should tell them to talk to strangers.. Kids should know of evil in the world. I am afraid there is no easy answer to any of this. The answer is in God. But then he is not allowed in schools anymore either
    Oh well just my view point on this.

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