Celebrating Christmas Even If You Don’t Believe – Ironic?

I was talking to someone the other day who has been very clear about their not believing in God and religion and we were discussing a common topic for this time of the year, Christmas plans and Christmas gifts.

Until that moment it had never occurred to me how people who don’t believe in God have no problem celebrating a religious holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. I suppose it probably should have. I hear people say they don’t celebrate Halloween or Columbus Day because they don’t believe or don’t feel Christopher Columbus should be honored for what he did. But I can’t think of a single person I have heard say they don’t celebrate Christmas.

I find it hard to believe that any adult would not know at least a little about the fact Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus. But I am sure that there are people who do not know the reason for the season. And in today’s culture we all know that stores have succeeded in making sure we all spend as much money as possible on material gifts to give to each other. But for those who do know the reason and just refuse to believe, is it not hypocritical for them to still partake in the holiday? I definitely find it ironic and sad.

From a Christian stand point, I’m not suggesting we should encourage anyone not to celebrate Christmas. It is an excellent opportunity for us to use it as an educational opportunity to share with everyone exactly what the holiday is all about. We should welcome and embrace that opportunity. And we should always welcome everyone to participate in any activity we take part in because Jesus would welcome everyone. But I think we as Christians need to do a much better job of making sure we teach and share what the holiday is all about. Share the Christmas story. Invite friends and family to church. Start a conversation about the true meaning of Christmas. After all, if we fail to try and educate and share the meaning, are we not failing to live up to one of our callings?


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