What Christmas Means To Me

Christmas means different things to different people. On this Christmas Eve I want to share what Christmas means to me.

Christmas means a day with my wife and daughter at home in front of the fire in pajamas. Exchanging gifts in the morning. Special breakfast and dinner. Just relaxing and taking a break from the busy life and activities that we partake in any other day of the year. To see the joy and happiness my daughter displays is better than any material gift that could ever be given. I also like to try and find the perfect gift for my wife. Don’t always succeed but it’s still fun to try and she is always happy with whatever she gets, perfect or not.

Christmas means getting together with family and watching my daughter and all the other young nieces and nephews enjoy spending time together. Regardless of what is going on the innocence of youth is inspiring to watch. They can ignore anything and everything and just enjoy the simple things in life. If we as adults could learn to do the same we would find a lot more joy in the world and be able to spread a lot of joy to others.

Christmas means yummy candy and cookies. My wife makes a bunch of candy for family and friends each year. And of course I have to taste test to make sure they are sufficiently prepared before we share them. All the goodies that are brought into work and given by other friends and family to us are always something to look forward to. Especially for a person such as myself who has an immense sweet tooth!

Christmas means church services and activities. Tonight we had an awesome family church service where kids came in and the Christmas story was told in song and verse by the Praise Kids choir. All the kids in the church got to go around the sanctuary singing Jingle Bells while collecting different items that help tell different parts of the Christmas story and in the end they put them altogether to make the manger Jesus was born in. They then sung Happy Birthday to Jesus. Not just tonight, but the services and activities the weeks leading up to Christmas were very moving and inspirational.

Most importantly though, to me Christmas means love. Love for friends and family and love received from friends and family. And the best important love of all, the love of Jesus. Christmas is time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. As a pastor at my church said recently, Christmas celebrates the day Jesus was born to wage war on sin so that he could declare victory over sin many years later on Easter. The best and the only gift we ever need was given to us when Jesus was born into the world. Because of this gift we can have ever lasting eternal life if we only choose to accept the gift. How could anyone possibly ever refuse such a gift? Have you accepted the gift? If not, why not do so today?

What does Christmas mean to you?

Merry Christmas to all!


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