A Relaxing Christmas Day

How was everyone’s Christmas? Hope it was a great day for everyone!

We had a very nice Christmas here today. The wife finally woke us all up a little after 8:30 this morning. This was surprising as wee little one usually gets up before that on regular days so expected she would be up early on Christmas morning for sure. The wife had a nice breakfast of cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls with chocolate chips in them waiting for us.

The little one then proceeded to open gifts and mix in a few gifts for mom and dad to open as well. She was very excited and happy with all her gifts. Think her favorite however was her furby. It went around with her all day long talking to her and her talking back to it. I think the thing is kind of creepy myself. Wife liked her presents and I got some very nice presents as well.

I made a special Christmas dinner for the three of us. A nice ham, au gratin potatoes, and fried brussel sprouts. They all turned out very well but the potatoes were awesome. Definitely need to save that recipe for using again! And since both the wife and I are small eaters we have lots of left overs left for tomorrow.

We spent the day in the house in pajamas in front of the fire. Spent time playing board games, wii games, and other fun things together. Now the little one is in bed for the evening and the wife and I are watching White Christmas. A very relaxing day for all of us! Even got most of the gifts put away so it no longer looks like a disaster zone.

Looks like we may even get lucky enough to spend another couple of relaxing days inside at home. Blizzard warning for the area with snow coming tomorrow. If that does occur I am thinking little one’s swimming lesson tomorrow night will be cancelled and nothing else on the calendar until Friday. And since wife and I are off work no worries. I can honestly say let it snow! Sounds nice to me to have a reason to stay inside for another day or two!

So how was your Christmas?

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