16 Years Ago Today…

16 years ago today my life changed for the better. I met my wife on a blind date in a parking lot for our first date. We went to dinner and saw Jerry Maguire. In honor of that I am sharing 17 fond memories today, 1 for each year and 1 to grow on.

  • The dried red pepper. On our first date we went to a quiet Chinese restaurant for dinner. During dinner she found a dried red pepper in her meal. She asked me if she should eat it. I said sure and she did. The waiter proceeded to make many trips after to our table to continue to refill her glass of water. It’s something we still laugh over today. I try to get her to eat the dried red pepper anytime we have a meal with it but for some reason she always says no. Not sure why.
  • The movie. After our dinner we went to see the movie. Her friend just happened to show up at the same show and the same theater. I still think this was planned in case she needed a quick exit or something although she denies it. And I might have to give her the point that I never said what theater or what time we were going to the movies. Two older ladies sat in front of us and had to move during the movie because of how loudly the laughter was.
  • The expected visit the next night. I had to work the next night. I expected her to show up. We had not talked since the end of the first date. But I just knew from her eyes at the end of the first night that it was going to be a match. She claims she never knew she was coming to visit me at work the next night but I never had a doubt.
  • The car in which the heat did not work. She would come and meet me after I got off work each night. Not being a lot to do at midnight which is around the time I got off we often spent time driving around or just sitting in the car. Which was fine except when you considered the heater in my car did not work.
  • Her first birthday together. Her birthday is in April and in Ohio you never know what type of weather you are going to have in April. The weather this day was picture perfect. In the 80’s and sunny. We got to take a picnic out to a local park and enjoyed a very lovely day at the park.
  • The first year living together. We moved in together in July the following year. We were working the same job by this time and going to school for the same major so took all our classes together. The first year we only spent a total of something like 28 hours apart from each other. It was awesome!
  • The time I saved her life. We love going out to parks and walking through the woods. On warm days we enjoy looking for snakes along the edges of ponds and such. One particular day we were walking through an open field in one of our local parks. As we were walking along the path I looked down and saw a snake lying in front of us. I tugged her hand to stop her and she kept going. So I tugged hard and finally she stopped. I claim I saved her life that day but she somehow doesn’t think it raises to that level.
  • Months at home together. In 1998 we were in a pretty bad car accident. We bother shattered our femurs and she had additional injuries on top of that. Neither of us could work for several months. We ended up spending three months together in our little apartment. It snowed and we didn’t care. To this day we still look back on those months as some of the best together.
  • Eloping to Las Vegas. My wife planned the whole trip and we had an awesome time. We eloped to Vegas. It was my first plane ride ever and I kept telling her the whole time up until we got there that we were going to crash and die. I was only half serious.
  • The fire in our fire place in July. We moved into our home in July. The home has a fire place. She wanted to have a fire in July just to experience the fire place!
  • Our first cruise. Although we had been to Vegas before and loved it, cruises quickly became our favorite vacation. Sit back and let someone else do all the driving and the planning. Eat all you want. So relaxing to be able to go out on the deck at night as the boat is sailing through the empty ocean and just watch the stars.
  • Our beach in Cozumel. Okay, it’s technically not our beach, although I wish it was. But we have went on a couple cruises in our time together where we got to go to Carnival’s island in Cozumel. It’s so relaxing there. Perfectly peaceful, crystal clear blue waters. Hammocks hung between the trees. Think I could live there and be happy!
  • Dinners in Vegas. We took a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate her birthday years later. Two particular dinners stand out as being exceptional dinners. The first was a restaurant in the Bellagio were we ate dinner on the patio outside watching over the fountains that play water shows every so often. The second was a restaurant inside the casino that does the live pirate shows every so often. We had a table right by the window where we could see the show while we ate. The food was exceptional as well but the scenic views were what I remember the most about both meals.
  • The crossword puzzles. Occasionally for special events, such as anniversaries she will make a crossword with the questions being about special things that have occurred to us through our life together. I love them from the stand point that it rekindles lots of memories that we don’t want to forget about. It also is special because of the time and effort it takes. It’s not just going out to the store and picking something up at the last moment.
  • The Tuxedo. On the last cruise we went on for the formal nights I decided to surprise her by renting a tuxedo for one of the formal night dinners. While she took a nap I went out and rented the tuxedo and kept it hidden until time to dress for dinner. She loved the surprise. We had an awesome dinner, as with all dinners on a cruise. Afterwards we got to dance together and had pictures taken. It was an enjoyable evening!
  • The birth of our daughter. Took 7 long frustrating years but finally we were able to have a child. And it was one of the greatest moments of my life, and her’s too. We were blessed with a healthy, happy, easy to care for baby girl.
  • Wedding vow renewals. For our 10th wedding anniversary my wife surprised me by scheduling a renewal of our wedding vows in our church. I had said I had missed that our family was not able to be at our wedding. So unbeknownst to me she told our family and friends what was going to happen but did not tell me. Our anniversary was on a Sunday and when we were getting dressed for church that morning she asked me if that was what I was going to wear. I said yes and asked why, she said no reason. Some of our family showed up at the church service which was unusual but still did not think anything about it until half way through the service when I realized what was happening. It was a very nice surprise!

These of course are just some of the memories we have together. But I have hit 17 so I will stop there. I have truly been blessed by God to be provided with such a wonderful soul mate to be married to. I can’t imagine my life in any other way!


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4 Responses to 16 Years Ago Today…

  1. Wow. That’s a story of a lifetime in 10 years. You’ve certainly had ups and downs but remain positive so that’s great. Found you othe blog hop and have subscribed. Looking forward to reading more in 2013.

  2. Awwwww that is beautiful!!! I wish my dh would do that for me! That is the sweetest story ever! That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story and most importantly Congratulations to the both of you!

    OH and Would love for you to join my Tribe on Triberr (Chewylicious)! I think you’ll be a great fit! Find me on there and I’ll send you an invite! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

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