The Fine Line of Not Parenting Enough and Parenting Too Much

As a parent I often find myself articles about parenting theories, ideas, and parenting examples. Some good, some not so good. Today I came across two different articles that I found interesting. One which I thought was a good example of parenting, the second one I thought was well intentioned parents gone too far.

The good example you can read here:

The article is about a mother who buys her 13 year old an iphone for Christmas but only based on the terms that he agrees to set rules and regulations for the use of the iphone. Some people would probably question where giving a 13 year old an iphone is an example of good parenting. I think it all depends on the maturity of the child and how well they have shown they handle responsibility. Regardless of the age at which you give a child an iphone I believe their should be close regulations and restrictions on it. Like with television, video games, or even computer access, parents need to have an understanding of how it is being used and what their child is doing with the items. I especially like that they built in the cell phone etiquette of silencing the phone in restaurants, movies, etc.

The example gone to far can be read here:

College senior has to go to court to file restraining order against her parents because they continue to meddle in her life, to the point of driving over 600 miles just to meet with department head. All this even though she is on the dean’s list. The school has to go to the extra measure of hiring security to keep the parents away from her performances. I can certainly understand parents wanting to make sure their child succeeds at college. Especially if they are assisting with paying the child’s tuition. But in this case the daughter was obviously doing well in her classes. She was on the deans list. The college gave her a scholarship to complete her senior year when the parents stopped paying the tuition. If she was not doing well I doubt the school would of done that.

I am certainly for parents setting rules and regulations on their children. I am for them being involved in their child’s life. There are a lot of parents out there who just sit back and have very little guidance over the children and let others in society handle guiding their children. But there is a fine line between not enough parenting and too much parenting. At some point you have to step back and let the child have some responsibility for their actions as well. Otherwise you take it to far and damage the relationship you have with your children.


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2 Responses to The Fine Line of Not Parenting Enough and Parenting Too Much

  1. shazza91321 says:

    I think the main thing is to be involved and to not lose sight of your relationship with your children. Also, not to get lazy or lax in your parenting. As soon as your kids realize that you becoming lazy they will respond accordingly and that is usually negatively. Children really want to know that you care about them even it that means your a little on the strict side.

    • joec0321 says:

      I agree with children wanting to know they are cared for. Even if they don’t always realize it in the heat of the moment. Think the relationship angle is what can lead to that fine line. Some parents seem to believe they have to be a child’s best friend to keep that relationship alive and healthy. But that can also lead into the parenting not enough category as well.

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