The Fiscal Cliff Issue

I don’t often follow politics very closely unless it’s around election time and I am trying to research who I want to vote for and this whole fiscal cliff issue is a prime example on why I don’t.

I don’t know all the technicalities and sticking points at hand but I have seen the headlines and know that the issue is not getting resolved. I don’t know a lot about what happens when the issue is not resolved or why it’s called a “fiscal cliff”. I have heard crazy rumors like the cost of milk will go to $6-$8 a gallon if the deal is not passed. I hear that there is an issue about tax rates being hiked or not hiked, and whether the rich should get to keep their cuts or not.

Since I’ve not read up on it and don’t know about the intricate details of the issue at hand I can’t offer an opinion or suggestion on how the issue should or should not be resolved. After all, I elect government officials to go and do the research and make those decisions for me. What I do know however is that politicians seem to be stuck on making sure they get everything they or their political party want and don’t care about the way the outcome affects all of us common people.

Democracy is supposed to be government of the people, by the people, for the people. This would mean compromising to come to the best solution for the common good of everyone as a whole. It seems to me there are a bunch of people in charge who have forgotten that. We have a group of people who are interested in the good of the lower class and a group of people who are interest in the good of the upper class. But the largest segment of our population, the middle class seems to get more and more lost while these two groups continue to widen the gap between the two groups they are interested in.

At this point it seems simple. The key politicians just need to remember the oath they took and what the basic point of government is supposed to be. They need then to get into a room and compromise to come to a middle point. The hardest part of this would be to set their egos aside, and that may be what proves to be the impossible part of this whole situation.


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