New Year Resolutions

Writing Challenge: New Year’s Resolutions – Daily Prompt

Today’s writing challenge is about New Year’s Resolutions. Imagine that. Last day of 2012 and someone thought it was a good idea to write about resolutions for 2013! Well, I had already planned on doing that so that’s fine by me.

Before making resolutions I think it is always nice to review the previous year. I had done that previously here with the five events from 2012 that shaped me. Feel free to check it out if you have not already.

So now on to the New Year. In no particular order here are the resolutions.

  1. Eat well and exercise regularly. I am not out of shape or hugely overweight. I had weight loss surgery a couple years ago and have not let myself get back to where I was before hand. I am still happy with where I am but I have let myself fall back into some of the same habits I had prior to the surgery. Want to stop it before it gets back to where it was. I never really got into the exercise routing and the weight stayed off for a while simply from the surgery. That is no longer happening so have to get active with the exercising. I’ve often thought it would be cool to be able to run a 5k race so I am thinking I will try and see if I can be ready to run one by the time the weather turns warm again.
  2. Spend more quality time with my wife. My daughter and I often spend time coloring, playing games together, etc. My wife and I have fallen into the habit of watching tv, reading, then going to sleep. That’s fine but it’s also important to have time without those normal distractions. I’ve read that the best way to go about that is to schedule some time into your schedule for just the two of you. So I think I am going to try that.
  3. Avoid procrastination. I have always been a do it at the last possible moment person. I am thinking it might be a nice change of pace to stop putting things off until the very last minute just because I can.
  4. Start clipping coupons and freebie shopping again. My daughter and I go shopping a lot for freebies when matching store sales with coupons. This was something we did together every weekend. We tried to get mom involved but she was never up for the fun. I got behind on clipping and organizing the coupons so we have not done that lately. She and my wife went through several of the months of coupon inserts I had and cut out the coupons that were still valid after Christmas. This got me caught up and I want to stay caught up so I can actually use the coupons again.
  5. Start reading again. I love to read. Through the first 7 or 8 months of the year I had read about 30 books this year. Because of the busy schedule and my work job changing to a job where I didn’t have down time at work to read I fell out of the habit of reading. I want to find a way to work reading back into my schedule so I can enjoy one of the things I truly enjoy.

So those are a few of my resolutions. How about you? What are you resolving to do in the New Year??

Here is to wishing you and your family a very prosperous New Year in 2013!

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