Suing Over A Newtown, CT Survivor? Really?

A parent has a child survive a horrible situation where 20 other children and 6 staff members in the same building with them died. To me, that would be the best outcome of any from a situation like that. But apparently not for all parents. The has been a $100 million lawsuit filed against the state of CT in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. Not by one of the parents who lost a child, but by a parent whose child survived unharmed.

The parent is suing because of the trauma suffered by the child when she overheard gun shots, cursing, and screaming over the loud speaker system. What would they possibly be suing for if their child had been one of the 20 dead? I am sure there are 20 sets of parents who would be happy to switch places with them.

I certainly understand the child is traumatized. So are a lot of other children, staff members, parents, and even community members. But to say that the school had any role in this tragedy or that it was a foreseeable tragedy? I don’t see how that can be said. The school had all the appropriate measures in place. The gunman forced his was through those measures.

I agree with one point in the article. The point which says society has to take action. But this lawsuit is not the action that needs to be taken. I’ve always said that if you can complain about a situation you can also do something to help correct the situation. Obviously this situation is bigger than one set of parents can correct. But there are so many better ways to get involved and try to help resolve the issue. Meet with school officials, security experts, etc and try to come up with a plan to prevent a future scenario from occurring. Get involved with local leaders and petition and work towards stricter gun control laws.

Or even the most important part of healing. Focus your time and attention on your child. They are going to need a lot of love and support, not to mention therapy, to overcome this traumatizing situation. Throwing money at the child is not going to resolve the issue. You are only setting the example that money solves all. That is not true and only sets up the child for looking to the wrong solution to many problems through out life. If the parents wanted to try and recover the cost of the therapy it will take to help the child, I could understand that. Especially if the parents do not have good insurance to cover the therapy. But I don’t think the state of CT is the one who should cover the cost, and the shooter is long gone. So even that would be a stretch. But filing suit in order to try and win $100 million is not going to accomplish anything worthwhile. It just makes you look money hungry and greedy.


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