Sperm Donor Being Asked to Pay Child Support

So a man willingly goes and donates sperm for free to a couple so they can achieve their dream of being parents. Years later the state where the child now lives is trying to say the man has to pay child support even though he signed papers giving up all contact with the child and exempting himself from any paternal rights. Seem reasonable? To me it does not but it is happening in the state of Kansas.


One of the parents had fallen on hard times and had to file for state assistance. So because of this the state is going after the sperm donor trying to get child support from him.

Now, normally I would say the father certainly should be paying. But in this case, the man was doing this willingly and had an agreement to have no responsibility for the child. It’s not like he went out and acted irresponsibly resulting in a child being conceived. That would be a totally different story.

This, unfortunately, is a case of someone doing something out of the kindness of their heart and now possibly suffering negative consequences for doing so. And then we wonder why so many people look the other way when they have the opportunity to do something kind for another person. Even when the receiving person is grateful and not trying to take advantage of the kindness shown to them, there is still the danger that an act of kindness turns out for the worst.

I hope in the end the state drops their effort to get child support. If they don’t does that mean they will soon be going after birth parents of children who have been legally adopted by another family? One has to wonder how seriously they considered this action to start with.


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3 Responses to Sperm Donor Being Asked to Pay Child Support

  1. I’d have to agree to try to force a sperm donor to pay would be a complete disregard for the contract. If this goes then it will make it hard for others wanting to donate to help people less able to have kids. It is a sad would and getting sadder as it goes on.

  2. reikipixie says:

    Does this not make anyone wonder why the courts decide that it only affects the sperm donor?
    What about where an egg has been donated in order for another woman to be able to carry it, fertilised by her husbands sperm – the husband then leaves, the woman files for state support…does the female egg donor pay maintenance now because they facilitated this other woman being able to give birth?? It’s all ridiculous, if they do this for sperm donors they have to do it for egg donors too, out of fairness to both types of donor…and how completely out of order this would be! If someone donated sperm or eggs to a childless couple or person, they have no responsibility for the upkeep of that child. its up to the parents who wanted that child to support it. Donors should not be punished and held liable for making someone else’s dream a reality.
    Will the courts be bringing in regulations to make hospitals pay maintenance to the lone parent when the baby is conceived by IVF or AI and the relationship then breaks down later? Because essentially the hospital or clinic facilitated the parents ability to concieve – it wasnt done naturally and therefore they could be held responsible too for the child being brought into the world.

    • joec0321 says:

      I had not considered the idea of the egg donor being held accountable. But under this similar scenario, I could see someone trying it. I hope the courts see the ridiculousness of it and dismiss the case. But that’s not a given considering some of the decisions we see come down from time to time.

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