My Bucket List

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?Daily Prompt

I saw the daily prompt for today and my first reaction was 11th? I don’t even have a 10th! Certainly I had a few things I’d like to do before dieing but wasn’t sure I would have 11 of them. So I spent the day thinking about what 11 items would be on my bucket list if I had one.

My first thought was things like seeing my daughter graduate college or get married. Of course her getting married would mean that I let her date at some point and then find a man I think is good enough for her. Of course no one will ever be good enough for her! 😉 But seriously, when I think of a bucket list I think of things that are not normal every day course of events that would happen normally.

My next thought drifted to sports, the Bengals winning the Super Bowl. Reds winning the World Series, etc. But then I thought even if someone came to me and said money is no issue, go do everything on your bucket list, would I be able to accomplish those things? The answer of course is no, I would have no way of making that happen.

So as I kept thinking about things I finally came up with these 11 ideas, in no particular order:

  1. Attend a Rose Bowl game in person. This would be even better if Ohio State happened to be playing in the game. But the Rose Bowl is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to college bowl games. Such excellent tradition and history. Rose Bowl parade before the game. And of course, who in Ohio would not want to spend New Years in the warm weather somewhere??
  2. Attend a baseball game in each of the Major League Baseball parks. I love baseball. I have been to three different parks so far. Cincinnati because I live only an hour or so away. My wife and I went to Chicago a few years ago with my brother and we went to Wrigley Field in Chicago for a game. And my wife and I have also been to Miami and attended a Florida Marlins game when we went down a day early for a cruise. Lots more stadiums to go though. Thinking may even revisit Chicago and Miami with my daughter so we can make it a father-daughter experience.
  3. Travel to Hawaii. I think it would be an awesome experience to go to Hawaii. Warm weather and sandy beaches. Do I need to say any more?
  4. Attend an Ohio State-Michigan game in person. I have yet to attend an Ohio State game in person. Waiting for a year or two when my daughter is old enough to sit through the game. I think it is going to be awesome for it to a first for both of us to share together. But I definitely want to attend the greatest rivalry game in sports in person.
  5. Own a boat. In the summer time I get so jealous when I see people taking boats out on the lake. Looks like so much fun. Someday I hope to own a boat and be able to do the same. The quiet, peaceful time out in the lake would just be so relaxing and awesome.
  6. Travel to see the major sites of Biblical stories. I think it would be amazing to travel and see the different sites and locations of the all the stories we read about in the Bible. It would be another way to bring the stories of the Bible closer to us.
  7. Travel to Spain. In high school I took four years of Spanish. I haven’t used it in almost 20 years now so probably don’t remember enough to understand or converse but I remember the sites and pictures I saw made the country seem so beautiful. I’ve always thought it would be a wonderful country to visit.
  8. Watch the ball drop in Times Square in New York. I watch the party on television every year. I would like to experience it in person one year. Preferably one WARM year. But beggars can’t be choosers.
  9. Travel to Alaska. I would like to take a cruise to Alaska and enjoy the sites. I think it would be amazing to see the scenery and wild life available to enjoy.
  10. Go to Disney World. I don’t truly know why this is on my bucket list. I was never a huge Disney fan. But I think it would be fun to go to Disney World. Besides I love amusement parks so you can’t go wrong at any amusement park.
  11. Be on Survivor. I would love to be on the tv show Survivor. I think I could do well on the show. Only issue is I would need to learn to swim before I could go on the show. Otherwise I might end up not coming back alive! I also think I would do well on Big Brother but Survivor would be my first choice.

So those are my 11 items currently on my bucket list. What type of items are on your bucket list?

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2 Responses to My Bucket List

  1. Boats are fun I’ve been on them before my buddy took me on his it was a great time

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