NFL Star Retiring To Be Involved with his Children

Ray Lewis, middle linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, has announced he is retiring at the end of the season.

I was never a huge Ray Lewis fan. For one, he plays in the same division as the Bengals and is an excellent player on the football field. Second, he plays in Baltimore. Even though he had nothing to do with the decision of the team moving from Cleveland years ago, I still find it hard to root for anyone on Baltimore because of that. And finally, I always questioned his integrity and character. Not only because of his play on the field which sometimes borders on the line of clean and dirty, but also because of his role in Atlanta murder after the Super Bowl in 2000. Him and two accomplices were indicted on murder charges. Clothes he was wearing that night disappeared never to be found. He entered in a plea agreement where murder charges were dropped in exchange for his testimony against the two accomplices. I wonder if it was a case of who you are and the money you have and less a case of if he was truly guilty or not.

Regardless of all that, I found his reasoning for retirement to be a class act. He says he has realized how much of his children’s lives he has missed since he has been injured and not able to play most the season. He wants to be a part of the rest of their lives and not continue to make them have to sacrifice for him. He is still considered to be at the top of his game and could continue playing but is leaving now to enjoy time with his children. While you can never get the time back you have already missed, it’s never too late to become involved in your children’s lives if you have been missing it.

Are you being involved on your child’s life? Or are you too busy trying to advance your career and accumulate material wealth? If you are, think about what you will regret more later in life. If you miss out on being involved in your child’s life or if you miss out on some money, material items, and career advancement. I think if you are honest with yourself you will agree you will miss out on being involved in your child’s life more. It’s not too late if you need to change your priorities!


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