Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

The Weekly Photo Challenge is to post a blog using a picture on a theme each week. This week is resolutions. So without further adieu here is my weekly photo challenge post.


My picture is of my lunch box. I choose this item for my picture because I believe it can help me in three specific areas in the coming year.

First, one of my goals is to try and eat healthier. By taking my lunch each day it allows me to pack healthy items in the morning when I am not hungry. Also when I am at home there are not as many of the not so healthy items available. Going to the cafeteria at work would give me easier access to the not so healthy items. The cafeteria does a wonderful job of offering a lot of healthy options but it takes self discipline to avoid some of the other items that are so yummy. And that can be hard when you are there at lunch time looking for something to eat while you are hungry!

Second, both my wife and I have had weight loss surgery. Because of this we don’t eat a whole lot at each meal. We usually have left overs which causes us to throw away more food than I would like to. It can be aggravating to throw away food just because to much was made and it did not get eaten before it went bad. One of the ways to address this is by me taking the leftovers in my lunch.

And thirdly, packing my lunch and snacks will help save money. A penny saved is a penny earned. And we all love to earn money, right? I know I certainly do.

So my lunchbox will help me in all three of those areas. Who knew something so small and simple could be so powerful?

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