Colorado Theater Reopening

The Colorado theater where the mass shooting took place at the opening of the Dark Knight Rises movie is set to reopen. Before it reopens it has invited the family members of the victims along with local first responders to a special rememberance ceremony and a private movie showing.

A lot of the family members of the victims are upset and planning on boycitting the ceremony. About half the comments I see on the article are saying that offering the ceremony is the wrong thing to do.

I however see nothing wrong with the ceremony. I understand that the families are probably still grieving in their own way. And if they don’t want to attend I can understand they may not feel like they are up to returning to the scene of the crime. But I’m not sure why the backlash against the ceremony from others.

I could see it being wrong and in bad taste if the theater was trying to sell tickets and make a profit off the ceremony. Or trying to gain fame or fortune in some other way at the expense of the victims. But nothing I have seen from this article is seeming to say to me that this is the case.

I think the goal of the ceremony, at least in my opinion, is to bring everyone together to start the healing process. Is it going to make it so that it never happened? Is it going to end the grieving or make the families move past the grieving? Of course not. That only happens with time. But I think at some point the first step needs to be taken towards healing and moving on. I totally respect the families rights to boycott the ceremony. I even understand why a lot of them probably would.

But what I don’t understand is why is this gesture made by the movie theater being taken in a negative way?


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