First Grade Teacher Fired For Getting Pregnant

A first grade teacher is fired for getting pregnant. She is now suing for discrimination.

The teacher worked for a Roman Catholic school. She was pregnant but not married. She asked for a more behind the scenes job when it started becoming obvious but instead was fired.

In almost any other situation I would say the employer was wrong in firing the teacher. Whether an employee is pregnant and married or unmarried normally should not affect their job status. And it certainly would not affect her ability to do the job.

However she is working in an institution which is a Catholic school. Parents send their children to Catholic school to not only be educated, but to also learn values and morals that are consistent with what their religious beliefs are. I am pretty sure becoming pregnant out of wedlock is not consistent with those beliefs.

If she were working in a public school then I would say this would not be an issue. Public schools are not necessarily where you send your children to learn values and morals that match a specific religious belief or affiliation. But in a religious setting it is a problem.

I could see giving her a job behind the scenes would not necessarily work either. I’m not sure she could have taken her place back in the classroom after she returned to work without questions and explanations occuring. I think in order to support the beliefs and values the school had no choice in how to handle the situation.

Thoughts? Comments?

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