My Favorite Place In The World

The weekly Writing Challenge is to use Google Maps and embed the map into my blog post. So I have decided to write about my favorite place in the entire world.

My favorite, most relaxing place I have ever been has to Carnival’s private beach in Cozumel.

We have been to Cozumel twice now. The beach is like a piece of heaven. The white sand. The clear blue water. The beach is completely undisturbed. It’s like a piece of land that the busy world everywhere else has totally skipped over. Relaxing beach chairs. Hammocks hung between palm trees.

When we went there the first time we were told this was the same beach that they film all the Corona commercials. You know, the ones where the guy is relaxing on the beach and breaks out a Corona? I love seeing those commercials simply because it always reminds me of this peaceful place.

I could spend forever there and be very happy and peaceful. Give me some sunscreen and I will have all I need. As far as the eye can see all you see is white sand and blue water. If there was ever one place I had to choose to spend the rest of my life with just me and my wife and daughter, this beach would be the place I would choose.

I would miss a lot about every day life, such as sports, friends, and family. But somehow I think I would survive just fine!

What is you favorite place in the world??

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3 Responses to My Favorite Place In The World

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  2. Never been to Cozumel but so far I think my favorite place was Cuzco Peru… though there are so many other places I loved I’m not sure what is the best!

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