Opportunities For Meaningful Conversations With Your Children

You never know when opportunities for meaningful conversations are going to happen with your little ones. I had an opportunity that arose out of the blue with my daughter the other evening during our bed time routine.

As we were laying in her bed winding down she asked me out of the blue when we were going to meet someone who was bad. I said hopefully never and asked why she was asking. She proceeded to tell me she wanted to meet someone bad so we could show them all about the love Jesus has for them. She wanted to be able to set a good example for them to follow.

I was proud that she wanted to share the love of Jesus and set a good example. It’s moments like these that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling that lets you know that even if you are not sure at the time, they are always paying attention and listening.

I explained to her how we can show everyone God’s love for them, that we don’t have to necessarily find bad people. I explained how even though she was never a bad person, her mom and dad were able to teach her about how Jesus loved her. This made her very excited. We talked more about how we are always setting an example to everyone around us and that was why it was important to always live our faith, be kind and generous, always offering help to others.

This led to a conversation about if people liked her so much and thought she was special because she was so pretty. I was surprised that at not even 5 years old yet that she would link pretty with being liked and feeling special. I didn’t think this was something that would occur for a few more years yet.

Never the less we talked about how people like her and feel she is special because of her kindness and generosity. I was able to explain to her that pretty or not, what truly matters is how kind one is to another, not what they look like.

Although I was shocked at her link beauty and how other treat her, I was thankful for the opportunity to make sure she knew that the two should not be linked in anyway. I’m sure it’s a conversation that will have to occur again. I just pray that God gives me the right words to say each time the conversation comes up so I can make sure that she never feels like she has to be society’s definition of beautiful in order to be important to anyone else, and definitely not to herself.

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