Positively Impacting Lives

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her? – Daily Prompt

I recently found myself being thankful for all the positive adults who are involved in my daughters life. Of course mom and dad, but I was specifically thinking about others. Teachers she had in preschool, dance teachers, the instructors she has at her YMCA activities, and of course all the wonderful adults who show her so much adoration and love in our church. I truly feel like she has a large amount of caring, loving, and supportive adults involved in her life in many ways. For that I am thankful.

When I look back on my own childhood, there were a lot of adults involved in my life. Teachers and coaches in baseball and football. Some I remember fondly. Some I remember names and not much else. Others I don’t even remember names. I obviously knew they were there but it was just a passing moment in time.

There was one teacher who I think probably had the greatest impact on me overall. I choose a teacher because I think that is what helped me get to where I am now. Had I accomplished my dream of being a professional football player or baseball player, then maybe it might be different. But probably not since education is something you use life long, not just during the short career span that a professional sports player has.

That one teacher was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Worst. She was more than a teacher to me. She was a great teacher, indeed. But she went further than that. She took an interest in me for who I was as a person, not just as a student. Her first priority was to always make sure I was learning what I was supposed to be. She is the one who I consider taught me education can be fun. It is because here I believe that I learned how wonderful reading is. To this day I still enjoy reading.

But she also took an interest in what I liked outside of school. We discovered we rooted for the same sports teams. We talked about the sports events that we had watched the evening before or the previous weekend. This may not have had an impact educationally, but it got me excited about being sure I was at school the next day. I couldn’t wait to get to her class and share thoughts and opinions. At recess time she would come by the basketball court where I would be pretending I was my favorite player taking the game winning shot and of course making it. That making sure I was at school proceeded to last through the rest of my education when I had perfect attendance every year until my senior year in high school.

I understand not all the adults that come in and out of my daughters life will have this kind of an impact. Some will be people she remembers for a long time and has a large impact. Others will be people she looks back on later in life and just remembers their name, if that much. But I hope she finds at least one, if not more, who can have the same huge impact that Mrs. Worst had in my life.

I also hope that I can have an impact in the life of the children I get the privilege of working with. Either through the YMCA sports program I coach as a part of or through the kids I work with in my church. Will I have an impact on all of them? Of course not. To some I will just be that coach they know they had but they can’t remember his name. But if I can have an impact on a small number of children then I will consider myself successful.


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3 Responses to Positively Impacting Lives

  1. Any child that comes into contact with you son, is lucky indeed.

  2. seeker says:

    Having someone who made impact on your life in a positive sure carries on to the next generation. Nice.

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