Love – Do You Meet the Criteria?


I recently posted this image on Facebook. One because I liked it and thought it was pretty. Secondly because I think it’s true. Someone responded and said there was an excerise where you replace Love with I or your name. That allows you to measure up to how well you meet the Love requirement. So I have decided to do that and share with you all.

  • I am patient – I am patient. I tell my wife and daughter all the time how patience is a virtue. My wife has gotten remarkably better with being patient. My daughter is 4 so obviously still working on the patience angle. But she has quoted the patience is a virtue to me so the phrase has at least taken root in her mind somewhere.
  • I am kind – I am kind to the people I interact with on a regular basis. Friends, family, children I work with. I do find myself thinking there are times where maybe I could reach out more and be kind to people who I don’t know so well or who would not necessarily expect me to be kind towards them. That’s part of my introvert personality I think. So some work can be done there.
  • I do not envy – This one could use some work I think. I find myself wanting things other people have from time to time. I see other people who go on vacation regularly and wish I was them. I see people who have 2 or 3 children and wish that was me. Normally I am happy with where I am, but there are some times that I find myself with envy. I think this is a really difficult for us to meet in today’s society that is driven by so much materialism.
  • I do not boast – This is definitely true of me. It’s actually commonly said to be an issue when it comes to job interviews and selling myself professionally. I feel my work should speak for itself so I don’t always brag on myself enough. I think there is a fine line there that I need to work towards. Not to make myself seem arrogant or egotistical, but still selling myself and my capabilities when necessary.
  • I am not proud – I am not sure what this is supposed to mean. I am proud of things I have accomplished in my job. I am proud of the wonderful, strong marriage I have with my wife. I am proud of what a wonderful daughter my child has turned out to be so far. Is that a bad thing though? I am not too proud to say I made a mistake if I made a mistake. So I don’t think I am so proud that it’s a bad thing. But I suppose whether I meet this requirement or not all depends on what you mean by being proud and where you consider it turning itself into a bad thing.
  • I am not rude – I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of being rude. I don’t know of a time where I have been rude to others. So I think I meet this requirement.
  • I am not self-seeking – I can say 100% for sure that I am not self-seeking. I pride myself in being the best father and husband I can be. I have passed up promotions at work in order to keep a schedule that allows me to be involved in all my daughters activities. I regularly put the needs and wants of my wife and my daughter ahead of mine because I get so much happiness out of seeing them being happy.
  • I am not easily angered – This is definitely me. I can’t think of a time ever that I have raised my voice or got angry with my daughter. I can only think of one time I raised my voice with my wife. Most people who know me say they can’t imagine me ever being angry or raising my voice.
  • I keep no record of wrongs – I am quick to forgive and forget in most cases. I would say the one area where maybe I could use some work is with my wife. We are both very stubborn individuals. When we do get upset, we stop talking. Sometimes she will say sorry and it still takes me a while to move on. Such as the other day when she apologized for being snappy with me just because she was not feeling well. As much as I knew I should of just forgiven and forgotten immediately, it stayed with me for a while longer than it should have. I would think it would be the opposite way around and easy to forgive and forget with her and not so much others. But it’s not for whatever reason. That being said, I don’t find myself going back later and committing a wrong in order to try to even the score.
  • I do not delight in evil but rejoice in the truth – I’m not sure I understand this one. Does anyone delight in evil? I suppose there are probably people out there who do. I don’t. I do rejoice in the truth of the word of God, so I guess I would say I meet this one.
  • I always protect – I try to protect the ones I love from harm and hurt feelings. Sometimes possibly more than what my wife would like I think. But yes, I do try to protect those I love physically, emotionally, and mentally. I don’t always feel like I am successful, but it is not for a lack of trying.
  • I always trust – This one I could probably use some work on. I always trust in God’s word and plan. I trust my wife without a shadow of a doubt. But beyond that I’m not sure there is much else I allow myself to put full fledged trust in.
  • I always hope – I am a very optimistic person. I am always hoping for the best outcome. Hoping that all the wishes and dreams of everyone I care for come true. Of course I guess I could say I have lost hope the Bengals will ever win a Super Bowl, but that doesn’t count, right?
  • I always preservere – I’m not sure that this one has really been put to the test fully. I can’t honestly think of any really true hardships I have had to face and come back from. I suppose that would be a yes but only because I have been fortunate enough not to have to try.
  • I never fail – This one certainly is not true. I have failed in my life. And probably will fail again in life. I find it hard to believe anyone can say they have never failed unless they just have not attempted anything.

We all have work to do in these areas. Some more than others. How did you do?


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