No Hall of Famers This Year


The Baseball Writers of America vote each year on any new players who should be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. A player has to receive 75% of the writers voting for them in order to be elected into the Hall of Fame. Most seasons 2 or 3 players are elected into the Hall of Fame.

This year players eligible for the Hall of Fame were the likes of Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, Mark Mcgwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, and others. With a name list of stars such as those, just a few short years ago you would of thought this would of been a bumper crop year of people elected into the Hall.

But then something happened. Steroids. Players were accused of using steroids to better their stats. Some of those players had mountains of evidence against them that, although not 100% proven, made it very hard for anyone to believe that they were innocent.

Writers and fans alike held it against these players. Barry Bonds broke the all time career home run record. Fans outside of those in San Francisco where he played were unhappy. They thought his records should be erased from the record books. Major League Baseball did not agree. They didn’t even put an asterisk next to the record. Although in fans mind it is certainly there. In my mind, he is not the true home run champ.

When these players come up for election into the Hall of Fame, writers have not been supporting them. They have refused to vote any player into the Hall of Fame who has even been remotely connected to the steroids scandal.

And, in my opinion, rightfully so. Steroids increase strength and endurance. They allow bodies to stay stronger for a longer period of time then those players who don’t use. They allow players during the steroid era to have an unfair advantage over the players from previous eras who did not use. So therefore you can not rightfully compare the stats from current day players to the stats of those of previous years.

I feel the players should be banned from the Hall of Fame. These players cheated to gain an advantage which significantly impacted the game. They gained an unfair advantage over their counterparts. But yet Pete Rose, a player who never cheated to gain an unfair advantage, is banned from the Hall of Fame.

Rose gambled on his own team to win and was banned for life from the game because of his gambling. Had he bet against his team and then taken actions to lose the game, then I could certainly see banning him. But that is not the case.

I think the Hall of Fame should actually be called a Hall of Shame as long as they continue to allow these cheaters to be eligible for the Hall and not allow the player who holds more records than any other player to be eligible.

Pete has done his punishment, it’s time to now give him forgiveness and let him into the Hall!



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One Response to No Hall of Famers This Year

  1. I will agree totally with this till I die. Amen

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