Point Me To The Chocolate!

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely? – Daily Prompt


Simple. For me, the more chocolate the better. I love it when someone says something is too chocolatey for them. Point me in the direction of where that dessert is because I’m going to have to have some. I have yet to find anything that is too chocolatey for my liking.

I’m definitely a chocoholic. People often are bringing chocolate in exchange for helpful gestures or when they need assistance. I’m going to share a secret here, but don’t tell anyone. I would still do those gestures even without the chocolate. But I’m not going to share that with them!

Strangely, the one exception to this rule is ice cream. While I still love the really chocolatey chocolate ice creams, if my only choice is plain chocolate I will usually choose a different flavor. For instance, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, or cookie dough.

What about you? Favorite flavors? Do you think it’s possible to have something too chocolatey?

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One Response to Point Me To The Chocolate!

  1. muZer says:

    Being a chocolate person myself I’ll never say something is too chocolatey to pass! And i agree although chocolates are yum but somehow plain chocolate ice cream doesn’t taste too good.

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