The Notre Dame Scandal


You have heard all about the horrible Penn State problems with Jerry Sandusky. But have you heard about the rape accusations against Notre Dame? Probably not.

Two separate women have been possibly assaulted by two players from the Notre Dame football team which played in the National Championship game the other night. The school however is looking the other way and not investigating the possible assault. One of the woman has committed suicide. The other woman is afraid to press charges because of what happened to the first woman.

The first woman started the process of filing a statement and seeking medical attention. She then got a threatening text message which stopped the process and was forced to show her loyalty to the team as way of making sure she was dropping the issue. She eventually entered therapy and then ended up taking her own life. The second woman is afraid of the same intimidation and threats so refuses to pursue it any further.

The school does not seem to be showing any interest in investigating the issue. The head football coach treats questions about it as a joke. And I can see why they would have a monetary incentive to do so. Forbes magazine ranks Notre Dame as the third most valuable college football program in the country. Their home games bring in $10 million dollars for the community.

Possibly the difference is that the Penn State case involved children where this case involves grown women. Has society set a bar to where women being assaulted is no longer a terrible, horrible situation?

Regardless of all that, there is never a valid reason to sweep sexual assaults, threats, and intimidation under the rug. Especially at a Catholic school which values itself on morals. Apparently morals only go so far and $10 million per football game goes a lot farther. Sexual assault is sexual assault whether its against women or children. Both situations are completely wrong.

Notre Dame needs to investigate fully and if any wrong doing is found the guilty parties need to be held accountable. And any cover up by the school should be met with penalties swiftly from the NCAA, just as in the Penn State situation where a cover up was discovered.

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