The Most Popular Shoes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination


This weeks weekly photo challenge was to take a picture of something that shows illumination. I choose my daughter’s Skechers. It was hard to get a picture of them lit up without them being blurry, but you can see one or two of the lights above.

These are shoes I would have never bought for her but since grandma did she has been in love with them. And surprisingly, they have lasted since August and are still going strong. She has not outgrown them and they have not fallen apart even with almost every day wear.

She has had other shoes she wore that light up as she walked. The difference between those shoes and these is the other shoes just had a small light on the side of the show. These shoes have the lights all over them.

Nobody misses the lights on these shoes. They are always a point of conversation we go anywhere. They light up as she walks around. I can’t tell you how many people have loved them and asked her if they think they make them in adult sizes.

At night when she is in the back seat of the car, if I forget she is wearing them and she kicks her feet around I find myself looking in the review mirror for a police car. Luckily it has always turned out to just be her shoes.

I think she is going to be very sad when these shoes are outgrown or worn out!

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5 Responses to The Most Popular Shoes

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  3. kelliawesome says:

    When I spotted those shoes for sale, I was SO upset they didn’t come in adult sizes! Tell your daughter to enjoy and rock her awesome shoes while she can!

  4. Very, very cute shoes! they sent me back to my teenager years! 😮
    Greetings from our traveling family, and another passionate amateur photographer!

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