Starting Over


Weekly Writing Challenge In this week’s writing challenge, we’re asking you to write a short piece of creative writing (fiction/poetry/prose poetry/freeform mindjazz/whatever floats your boat) on the theme of Starting Over.

When I read the challenge of writing about starting over I was not immediately clear on what I was going to write about. Then as I was thinking about it more I came up with the idea of coaching youth sports.

Every couple of months the YMCA starts a new sports season. First it was baseball, then soccer, then basketball, and now indoor soccer. Each sport I have coached has been all about starting over.

The only kid I have had the same on any of the teams has been my own daughter. All the other kids on each team have been new to me. And in some cases new to the sport in general. I’m thinking at some point I should start getting repeat kids, but I suppose time will tell.

On four of the five teams I have coached I have also had a niece or nephew on my team. Not totally new to me but still new enough that I didn’t really know their total ability and skill level.

Each team you take on is like starting over in that you have to learn all about the personality of each child. You have to learn what their skill level is and what type of attention span they might have. You have to learn what works to keep their attention and keep them involved and what does not.

There are new coaches to learn to work with. Or in some cases you learn there are no other coaches. Different parents to work with. Some who are more involved then others.

Add to that the indoor soccer season that has just started is the first time I have coached the same sport. Each sport requires different talents and skills to be taught. Different drills to learn and relay to the children. Different rules – even when comparing outdoor soccer to indoor soccer there are differences.

The indoor soccer season is the first season spent at the 5 & 6 year old level. Previous to that the teams were 3 & 4 year olds. The 3 & 4 year old teams, most had never played the sport before. On the 5 & 6 team all the players have played previously with the exception of 1 child. This means they are a little more advanced than the 3 & 4 year old teams.

While each new season is starting over, there is still lots of fun to be had with each season. The joy of watching the kids learn and have fun is an awesome experience.

When many people think about starting over, it’s in a context that means we have failed in some way. Starting over is not always a bad thing, just a challenge that is slightly different in some way. It does not necessarily have to come because of a failure. Sometimes it means we have exceeded and moved on to embrace a new challenge.

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