Subtle Reminders & IVF


Do you ever see signs in every day life when you least expect it which seem as if they were put there to remind you of something? I did the other day.

The above picture was something I saw on Proactive Dads Facebook page. This saying really made me think of something my wife and I are currently going through.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, it took 7 years of trying before my wife and I were successfully blessed with a our precious little daughter. We have been trying for a second for a few years now and been unsuccessful yet again.

We recently have started the process to try IVF. This process requires hormones and birth control to be taken, which can create headaches in some people. My wife already suffers from migraines without those added factors. She is going to stop taking the medicine for the migraine prevention just in case the IVF is succesful.

She had about three days last week where the headaches where so bad she could not function, and this is before she has stopped the medicine. It scares me to see her that way and then to think what’s going to happen when she subtracts the migraine medicine and adds in additional hormones further along in the process.

Part of this is selfish, that I want her to be able to interact with me and my daughter. But I also feel bad that she is suffering. And that she is possibly going to be non-functioning for a great portion of that time. I wonder if the price is truly worth it.

I mentioned to her that maybe this was a sign it’s not meant for us to go through this process. Especially when you consider that other factors make it look like it may not be meant to be. One of the big ones being the older age that we are at has an increased rate of miscarriage.

I told her one night last week I was awakened in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. I found myself wondering what different religions thought about the IVF process, specifically our religion of United Methodist. I found information when I did a google search on my phone (of course your smart phone is always right there with you, right?) that the majority of religions do support IVF.

I wasn’t really looking for reaffirmation, I knew it was something I wanted to do. After all, having another child would be great. I would love it. So would my wife. My daughter goes around all the time telling us what plans she has for her baby brother when he gets here.

But when I started seeing the pain and suffering she was going through in the very early stages. And combined that with the information I had seen in the information the doctor had sent us, I wondered if this was really for us.

One of the things my wife said to me when I mentioned the late night google search was that if it’s God’s plan for a pregnancy, it will happen no matter what. When I thought about how it seemed the chances were low and the price to pay was high I was reminded of her statement about if it’s God’s plan it will happen. It made me think even more that maybe this was just not what we were supposed to be doing, that it was not God’s plan for us to do IVF.

I mentioned this to my wife the other night, and she said she wanted to go through with this. She told me she could remain functional but she needed me to be positive. I agreed to be positive about this situation.

Normally I am very good at being positive. I am an eternal optimist. This just seemed to not be the same, not sure why. But then the other day I came across the above picture. It’s as if it was meant to be there as a reminder to me that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible through God with prayer.

So maybe this is the sign that my fears are unfounded. Maybe IVF is his plan for some reason and he will control all the issues and overcome all the obstacles that seem to make it look like it’s a long shot.

Time will tell. In the mean time I plan on lots of prayer and good thoughts about the baby we are going to have soon!

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1 Response to Subtle Reminders & IVF

  1. rc0321 says:

    I find it amazing that you are always positive and I am not but in this we are opposites. I feel like everything we have been through has led us to this point. I pray constantly for God to lead us where we are supposed to be and I feel a complete sense of calm about this.

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