The Value of Life


I recently came across two different stories which, to me, are complete opposites on the topic of the value of life.

The first story is out of Belgium where two twins requested and received permission to die because they were deaf already and now were facing losing their sight.

The second story is out London where a mother was advised to have an abortion because her child was going to be born with several birth defects and refused.

Now, obviously, the two stories are different in that in the first it’s the adults themselves deciding on euthanasia and in the second it’s a mother to be having to make the decision. A mother making a decision on life and death of her child versus an adult making a decision on their own life is different.

But that is not the different I was focused on. I was focused on the different value that was set on life in each example.

The twins decided they did not want to go on with life any longer. I understand being deaf and blind would be a severe hardship. I would not want myself or a loved one to suffer such an outcome. But I could also never imagine anything happening to me that would make me want to end my life.

Even if I was in severe suffering, I have a daughter who loves me and a wife who loves me. I would want to spend every possible moment with them.

The second story would of been easy for the mother to agree with the doctors and end the pregnancy. It was obvious that there were going to be severe issues. I could never imagine making a decision to not have a child just because it was going to be different or born with birth defects.

My overall feeling from both stories, aside from the mother, is that it is a sad commentary about the value we place on human life. The commission in Belgium which approves the requests for euthanasia. The doctors in London who suggested a parent should end the pregnancy.

Are these really the actions that we are supposed to take as commanded by Jesus? Is this how we love our neighbors as we would love ourselves? At what point do people feel they are all the sudden capable of playing God and deciding when the time is appropriate for a person to live or die?

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