Doing My Daughters Hair

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.Daily Prompt

Something that I have been trying to learn for the last three to four years and has not come easily to me is something that most fathers probably have struggles with. Doing their daughter’s hair!

I try to do my daughter’s hair and it does not turn out well. First, there is the whole issue of it being tangled and knotted. No matter how slow and gentle I try to do it, she always is constantly telling me how much I am hurting her.

Once it’s all combed, then comes the part of trying to get it all nice and neat. I have only advanced to trying pony tails, and single pony tails at that. Mom does all the fancy things. The braids, the double pony tails, etc. But when dad has to do the hair there is none of that.

When I finally do get it into the pony tail, it seems I always miss a strand of two. She will have a strand hanging down on the side of her head. Instead of trying to redo it all I try to hide it by tucking it behind her ear. That lasts until she gets up out of my lap.

The part that is in the pony tail stays there for all of about 3 minutes. Then it starts getting lose and her hair goes to slipping out and starts straying everywhere.

Luckily, at 4 years of age she does not care about her hair being perfect. So in the rare cases dad does have to do it, once we get beyond the brushing part, she could care less. But she still knows when it comes to doing hair, that’s a momma thing, not a dadda thing.

I did find a Youtube video that I saw on Facebook which gives me an idea for how to do a better job on her hair.

Think it will work??

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