Girls Playing Football


There is a petition available on asking for signatures to petition the Philadelphia CYO to allow a girl to play in the tackle football league which she has played in in previous seasons.

You can view and sign the petition here:

I signed the petition because I believe girls should have the right to participate in a tackle football league if that is what they and their parents wish to do.

This strikes close to home for me. My daughter is constantly asking me when she is going to get to play football. The YMCA has a flag football league in the fall which she could participate in. I love football, and I like that she likes football.

However, I am not sure I am all that excited about her wanting to play football. When I think of football I think of big, brutish boys going out there and trying to hit each other as hard as possible. When I think if my daughter, I think of her doing graceful, beautiful things. Not things where boys are going to try and beat up on her.

On the other hand, I don’t want to set the expectation that there are things she can’t do just because she is a girl. I want her to feel that whatever she wants in life she should not be afraid to go for. Whether it’s something typically male dominated or not.

I played football growing up. I played against a team which had a girl on it. The boys were all the more excited about trying to hit the girl as hard as possible. And in some cases not necessarily clean shots. I know there are many girls who play football, even at the high school level. I applaud them for doing so. But I’m just not sure I want that for my daughter.

The football at the YMCA is flag football, and much younger kids than I played with. I don’t think a lot of those issues will happen. But there is the chance she will love it and want to continue on with it.

Luckily it is the same time as fall soccer so maybe she won’t notice the flag football sign ups since she says soccer is her favorite sport!


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