Working At Romance


Pat Robertson is in the middle of another controversy based on something he has said.

He clearly worded what he was saying poorly. And should have never included the overweight part of what he said.

But I think he was trying to say the right thing. I think he was trying to say the just because you are married you should not just take things for granted. This goes for both males and females. Both are equally to blame.

Just because you are married you can’t let your appearance go. You still need to care for your appearance and keep wooing your spouse. It’s very comfortable to go around the house in sweat pants and sweatshirts all day long. But is it really pleasing to the eye? It’s fun to sit in front of the television and watch sports and drink beer all day every day when you are not at work. But is it showing your spouse you still care to interact and please them?

You still need to keep that spark and interest alive. I understand it can be difficult to do with busy schedules. Work, children’s schedules, church schedules, cleaning and other routine chores and errands. It’s easy to take our spouse for granted since we already have won them over. We take it for granted that they will still be there when all those other things have moved on. And they probably will be.

But is that all the respect and interest you want to take in them? Romance is not something that can just be turned on and off. Like all things that are worth having, marriages take constant work to keep them growing and thriving.

Are you showing your spouse the attention and effort they deserve?

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