Matter of Perspective – How It Changes Things

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One of the big news stories of this past week was the lifting of the ban on females fighting in the front lines in the military.

The first thing that came to mind when I heard this story was surprise. I never knew that women were not already fighting in combat in our military. I’m not one to keep up one the rules and regulations of the military. I have no family or close friends who are active in the military. I just assumed that women were already fighting on the front lines.

Once I got over the surprise of not knowing they were banned, I started to think about the possibility of females fighting on the front lines. At first I did not see a big deal over the issue. Females are just as capable of firing a weapon and defending our country as any male is.

Then the thought occurred to me, what if this was your daughter? Would you want her fighting on the front lines? And I realized, by simply changing that perspective I came up with a totally different answer to the question.

It’s not that I think she would be any less capable. It just was the thought of her being in harms way. Possibly getting mortally wounded, or losing an arm or leg. I would never want to picture her in any possible situation like that.

Sure, I wouldn’t want that for any of my children, whether male or female. But it somehow is not as shocking to think of a son to be in that danger. And I don’t really have a good explanation for why that is. A son is no less likely to suffer the horrible fate of death or wounding. They don’t have any sort of magical powers which protect them. The odds are all the same as it is for the females.

I think the answer is, to me atleast, that females have this magical picture of sweetness, pureness, of not doing thing that are full of danger and the possibility of death. Those tasks have long since been left to the men of the world. Not saying that is right, just saying that is what I think makes the difference as I think the topic.

I still think women should be allowed to fight in combat. I just hope and pray my daughter never decides it’s something she wants to do. As noble as it is to want to serve your country and as much as I admire those who do, I don’t think I want to see her going and fighting on the front lines any time in her life.

So, I think the bottom line lesson in this situation is, when you think about a topic, try thinking about it affecting or occuring to someone close to you that you love. See if you still feel the same way about the topic.

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2 Responses to Matter of Perspective – How It Changes Things

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  2. I have to agree but for different reasons of course…I do not have a daughter but I am a woman and quite frankly men and women are simply built different. Although if you’re a girl who wants to put yourself in harms way, then that’s your own problem I suppose.

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