What I Hope People Remember About Me

Write your own eulogy.Daily Prompt


This prompt is something I think about a lot. It has been suggested that one way to be successful in the journey we make through life is to look at what you want people to say about you in your eulogy and then work backwards from there.

If you are a regular reader you know I like to think about how I can make a difference in the world and in life in general. So I would hope that at my funeral it would be obvious to everyone that I had a wide reaching, positive impact in the world.

I would hope it would be obvious that I was a devoted husband. Not just obvious to my wife, but to everyone who knew me. The type of husband who others wished their husband was more like. The person who they would never believe ever said an unkind word or ever considered straying even mentally.

I would hope it would be obvious that I was a loving father. That I was always there for my daughter. That I was able to be there to share every successful accomplishment and every tearful heartbreak. The kind of father who was so important and set such a wonderful example that my daughter would never tolerate anyone who treated her with anything less than the absolute best.

I would hope that people would say that I was very giving of my time and talents. Whether it was by volunteering my time with children or through my church to help others see how much God loves them. Along the way I hope that people are affected positively in life, not just in the short term but also in the long term. That they look back on me as someone who made a real difference along the way for them.

I would hope that the people who I have had a positive influence on would take the opportunity to pay it forward. Being successful at impacting others is great, but the world benefits a whole lot more when those people also take the time and effort to positively impact those they come in touch with. Not necessarily just by throwing money at problems, but by getting busy actively participating.

Above all I would hope that they were aware that all of this was possible because of my strong faith. Because this is what made everything else that I accomplished in my life possible. Without faith in God I would be nothing. With God I am able to be the husband, father, and person that God calls me to be. God provides the strength, patience, and courage needed to go out and impact the world.

I would hope by the way I lived my life and the way I impacted others around me that I would bring others to God. That above all would be the greatest accomplishment anyone could have on another. Anything else that happens in the current world is great, but accomplishing bringing others to God would provide them something that will last for eternity.


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4 Responses to What I Hope People Remember About Me

  1. rc0321 says:

    People will remember all these wonderful things about you, because Katie and I will always speak of your wonderful traits!

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  3. enitsirk24 says:

    Living with the end in mind. Beautiful goal, great reminder.


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