The Middle School That Was

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial. – Daily Prompt


The place that comes to mind for me was my middle school. It was recently torn down because a new middle school was built.

You were the place where I met my first girlfriend. In the seventh grade. We met in reading class. We spent plenty of time writing notes and passing them back and forth. Silly notes about what we considered to be the big issues of our day. Who was saying what about who. What we were going to do for the evening or the weekend.

You were also the place where I had my first break up. I don’t remember what the reason was for the break up. I just remember the heart break that came with it. I remember the different friends who took sides, her friends versus mine. It all seems silly in retrospective.

You were the place where I went to my first school dances. In the gym. Dancing even though I am not musically or rhythmically inclined in even the slightest. But that was okay because nobody really cared anyway.

You were the place I remember spending my lunch time every day playing basketball. I was never very good at basketball. For a long time I was taller then everyone else so I was good at getting the rebounds. But once others starting catching up in height, which they had by this time, I was no longer very good at the game. But it didn’t stop me from playing every day.

You were the place where I did the stupid thing of joining the choir simply because the girl I like was also in the choir. I can’t sing or carry a tune to save my life. But they took anyone and everyone in the choir, there were no tryouts. As long as you showed up to class you got a passing grade. And I got to spend the class period with the girl I liked.

You were a place where I spent two years of my school life. Some times were good, some were not so good. I will always remember those events never the less.

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