Boy Scouts Allowing Gay Members and Leaders?


One of the stories in the news lately is the Boy Scouts possibly ending their ban on gay members and leaders.

This is obviously a controversial story. Some people think it is long overdue that this happens. Others think that this should never happen, period.

I’m not quite sure I understand the people who don’t think this should happen. I have tried to come up with a reason why this would be a bad thing. And every reason I can think of I don’t understand.

A person’s sexual orientation has no bearing on how well they can lead a group. There is no evidence that I am aware of that says gays are more likely to abuse children. I’m not thinking that Boy Scouts in general is about talking to kids about sexual preferences. I’m not aware of any evidence which says gays are any less moral or ethical than anyone else. Or that they are more likely to commit crimes.

So what is the issue? More than likely there are already leaders and members involved who have just been wise enough to not disclose their sexual orientation. It’s not like they have to go around wearing an identifiable sign or symbol. There is no test we can give a person to say for sure what their sexual orientation is.

Haven’t we already been through similar issues like this in our history? The issue of whether blacks and whites could sit together and drink from the same water fountains? Whether or not women should have equal voting rights with men? Whether or not gays should be able to openly serve in the military? At the time these issues were discussed, they too were controversial. They passed and we aren’t any the worse off for it. I would say we are actually better off because of it.

Looking at the Bible, there is never a time or situation anywhere where we are told to avoid or ban any group of people for any reason. We are told to love our neighbors as ourselves. Not to love our neighbors as ourselves if their beliefs match ours. Or if they are the same nationality/sex/color/etc as us. Just to love our neighbors as we would love ourselves. I don’t think that by banning a person or making it clear they are not welcome in a particular situation we are loving them as we would love ourselves.

As a parent, I would have no issue with my child being in a situation where they were lead by someone who was gay. Whether it be in a program such as boy scouts, in a school setting, in a church setting, whatever. A persons sexual orientation would have no bearing on the ability they would have to lead that group. If I did have that problem and openly displayed that as an issue, I would not be doing my duty and job as a parent to teach my children to love others as we are called to do so. I would actually be doing a disservice by teaching them to show disapproval towards them.

The only exception I can think of to this issue would be a situation such as leaving children with a convicted child molester, murderer, or something such as that. A situation where the person has deemed themselves not to be trust worthy based on an action or pattern of actions which they have committed already. But that is not what we are talking about here. We are simply talking about someone of a different sexual orientation. So I say it is time to end the ban on gay members and leaders in the Boy Scouts.


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7 Responses to Boy Scouts Allowing Gay Members and Leaders?

  1. rc0321 says:

    Completely agree!

  2. shazza91321 says:

    Very well said. How can we minister to people if we exclude people???

  3. Marc says:

    Have you really read the bible and how sodom and gamorah was destroyed for sexual misconduct, or would you like to read the scout oath about staying morally straight. Believe what you want and practice as you would like, but don’t force the rest to try to explain to our children why we can contradict the laws of God and justify it with our own desires. People have to make choices, if they want to be gay, that is fine, just don’t expect to be in boy scouts.

    • rc0321 says:

      Actually I have read the Bible, more than once. Do you think that any of the boy scout leaders have had sex outside of marriage? Because that is also a sin. There is no person alive who can say they have never sinned. All these people who you think are immoral… God wants them, He loves them.

    • joec0321 says:

      If you read the Bible you will see several instances in which the sins of Sodom specifically are mentioned. Inhospitality, being unconcerned, overfed, refusing to help the poor and needy. Ezekiel 16:49-50 comes to mind. It’s very clear there were many sins involved, not just one.

      As for contradicting laws of God and then justifying it to our children, that conversation is going to have to happen in some way or form. If it’s not with this issue it could be with something they see on tv, in school, hear in the news, etc. If we exclude people we are only teaching them to do the same. What needs to occur is an explanation of what we believe and why we believe that. And then making it clear that that is not what everyone else believes and that is okay. That we should not pass judgement on others just because their beliefs are different than ours.

  4. john says:

    in the boy scout promise they say to honor God, last time i checked laying with the same sex isn’t honoring God at all, so that shoots down the whole promise. that is the biggest problem that i have with the whole idea

    • joec0321 says:

      Sexual activities and orientation has nothing to do with honoring God. You honor God by loving others, helping others, being honest, and loving God and sharing his love with others. If you want to look at sex activities, there are many of us who will never be able to say we are honoring God. If you have ever had sex out of wedlock, had kids before being married, married someone who had been previously divorced. If we go and eliminate all those people who else is left?

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