Five Items I Would Grab in Case of Fire

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab? – Daily Prompt


When I read this question, three things came to mind immediately.

First was my phone. It has all my contacts, all my pictures I have taken recently, all my day to day information that is needed.

Second was our laptop. Again – many of the pictures which have been taken of my daughter and the fun events we have taken pictures of over the last few years have been stored on the laptop.

Next was some key pictures hanging on walls around the house. Also the picture albums which I have from many years ago from prior to digital cameras and cell phones. I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually looked at these albums, but I still would not want to lose them.

After that I ran out of items that I would think of as being important to take with me. Everything else would be able to be replaced. If it was lost I could do without it for a while. For the sake of completing the list of five I ended up picking two additional items:

My kindle was the fourth item. This is more from the standpoint of trying to keep my daughter entertained. Between music, streaming videos, and games that she likes to play on the kindle that would be enough to keep her entertained while I was busy doing the things that would be necessary to get the insurance claims handled, etc.

The final item would be my wallet. Although the things in my wallet could be replaced, it would be a pain to have to do so. So if I have to pick another item my wallet it would be.

What about you? What would you pick?


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7 Responses to Five Items I Would Grab in Case of Fire

  1. rc0321 says:

    I would grab the ultrasound picture of our children, and the journal I kept while I was pregnant with Katie.

  2. Heather says:

    Here from the Thursday Blog Hop.

    This is an interesting question. I think I would grab as many photo books that I could, as well as our external. Thankfully the blog has most of my precious memories. Other than that just get the girls out. I have dreams about this often though.

    Thanks for making me think a little. Ha

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  4. Robert Smith says:

    I would grab my camera bag. Could be considered cheating the five because it will already have this iPad, iPhone, Nikon camera, keys, flashlights, and a bottle of water.

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