The Super Bowl is Here


This Sunday is the big game – the Super Bowl. Obviously the game is important. It’s what we American football fans look forward to all year long. And usually I have an idea who is going to win. But this year I truly have no idea who I think is going to win.

I think the game should be pretty good. Both teams are pretty even. I don’t really like either team. Being a Bengals fan, you can’t root for your rival the Ravens. And of course both times the Bengals have went to the Super Bowl the 49ers have beaten them. So who to root for.

On the one side you have Ray Lewis playing his last NFL game. Do you root for him to get a Super Bowl ring in his last game? He already has one. So not sure that’s really a reason to root for him. If he had none, then maybe. But then again, there is the question of his character which I have talked about before. And now today the story that he returned from his injury this year only with the help of banned substances. Of course he denies that. We all know he would admit to it if it was true, right?

On the other side, there is the remarkable story of Colin Kaepernick. He took over half way through the season when an injury occurred to Alex Smith. He kept the job even after the injury was healed because the coach thought Kaepernick was the better option. Most everyone thought the coach was crazy. Until now. Kaepernick has shown unreal ability to play so well in such big games with so little experience. And Smith has been nothing but professional in the way he has handled the situation.

Then you have the fact that the coaches are brothers. What parents are lucky enough to see one of their sons in the Super Bowl, either as a player or a coach. And here the Harbaugh parents get to see two of their sons as head coaches of opposing teams in the Super Bowl. Someone is going to win huge bragging rights after this game! And as parents how do you pick one son over the other to root for?

I think when it comes down to it I’m going to call for the 49ers to win the game by a score somewhere around 21-17. It should be a very close game, defensively minded. I am looking forward to enjoying the game.

I am also looking forward to the commercials. This is probably the one time of the year where I actually watch the commercials. Some years they are duds, some years they are pretty good. Which will this year bring?


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