Looking and Listening for God


You know, it’s ironic how answers to our problems can appear when you least expect it. I’ve recently had an example that fits in that statement.

As I have written about before, my wife suffers from immense migraines. She has recently went through a period of a year or more where she has constantly had a headache. Sometimes they get really debilitating and she can’t function because of them. This can sometimes last for 2 or 3 days.

She has been to doctors and had many tests ran. Scans, blood work, etc. They have tried her on various medicine. Even to the extent of putting her on blood pressure medicine because those can help prevent migraines. This in a person who normally runs at the lower range of the blood pressure scale to start with.

Nothing was ever found. It was just diagnosed as migraines. The medicines might work for a day or two but that was it. Even the pain medicine they gave her would not help.

We found a list of all the different foods that could possibly trigger migraines and tried to avoid those. That is a very extensive list. And a lot of her favorite foods were on this list. So she got to the point where she felt she couldn’t eat anything she liked. And yet the headaches still continued. She was frustrated. I felt helpless a lot of the time.

Then one day I logged into Facebook. I just happened to see a post from someone talking about how they were tired of endless headaches and migraines. Two different people replied to her that they had headaches go away or reduce in intensity once they started cutting gluten out of their diet.

I mentioned this to my wife. She went online and did some research on gluten. Turns out that there is no real test for gluten sensitivity unless you have celiac disease. But apparently many people are sensitive to gluten without having the full blown celiac disease. The more she researched it the more it seemed possible. Other symptoms she found matched some of what she had.

So we made the switch to avoid gluten. This is not easy. It is in everything, even things you would least expect. It requires me to be a lot more aware at the store since I do all the grocery shopping. Where before I could just go in and buy based on price comparison, now I have to read ingredient lists. Some gluten free items, such as cake mixes, bread, etc are more expensive because they have to be made differently. It makes it almost impossible to eat out anywhere.

However in the last 2-3 weeks of having switched to this gluten free diet, the difference has been remarkable. The headaches have went away for the most part. Occasionally she will get one, but now simply taking Tylenol will make it go away. There was one day where she had a pretty bad migraine. But after looking back at the items she ate that day we found the shredded cheese she had in her omelet had gluten in it as an anti-clumping compound. Shredded cheese. Who would of thought?

She has been able to get off one of the medicines completely and is working on cutting back on the other in order to get off it. She mentioned this to her doctor and the doctor said she had never heard of this being the case. But it is working.

In the research it was also found that it can have an affect on fertility as well. Since we are starting an IVF cycle in an attempt to have another baby, hopefully that will improve the odds of this IVF cycle working.

I just find it amazing that when I logged into Facebook that day I was not looking for an answer to her headaches. I was simply logging in to see what was going on. It was a time where I had some time to actually pay attention to what I was seeing instead of just scrolling through and looking at key people like I do sometimes when I just have a quick second. And of course the person who posted happened to choose that day and time to post, and those who responded happened to respond that day.

It is things like this that I thank God for. Things like this happening in this way are just to perfect to be coincidence. God put that post there at that time for a reason. It’s just another example of why we always need to be looking and listening for the ways God works in our life. Regardless of how powerful and mighty God is, if we are not looking and listening we are very likely to miss what he is doing in our life and the world around us.


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1 Response to Looking and Listening for God

  1. rc0321 says:

    I miss my timbits though. But not the headache… So long Pete.

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