Morning After Pill Via Vending Machine?

A college in Pennsylvania is selling the morning after pill via a vending machine and the FDA has approved it.

One would think in a place of higher learning a school would be more interested in educating their students in how to make wise choices and avoid needing to use something along these lines. But apparently in this case that is not happening.

One of the things I find ironic about this story is that there is no doctor involvement or counseling needed. Yet in order to make a responsible decision and get birth control up front you need to have counseling with a doctor and get a prescription. But if you don’t want to do all that simply go to the vending machine the day after.

Even putting aside the fact that I am anti-abortion, is this not making it too easy? No need to go and sit and explain the issue. No need to have the embarrassment that comes with having to admit to some doctor you were irresponsible and did not make the smart decision. No opportunity to educate the person on how to be more responsible going forward. No opportunity to discuss other options and make sure this judgement is not being made hastily.

What about the health affects if students end up using this more than once or twice? Is no one concerned in monitoring the effects this drug could have in the long run? I am sure there are probably side effects and other things that come with the medicine that the taker needs to be aware of. Are we just expected to assume the person will read about those and understand them?

The article says no prescription is necessary for the pill. Maybe that is the case everywhere. Maybe I am naive on the situation and just did not realize that people can go somewhere and get the pill without having to see a doctor. But even if that is the case, I still don’t think it is the best alternative for a college to offer.

As shocked as I am that a college would even make this available so easily, I am even more shocked the FDA would not have an issue with it. I could certainly see making condoms available in this manner. I would think that would be a step the college could take if they want to promote responsibility.

As much as I think abstinence would be the very best option, I understand that’s probably not going to happen on a college campus in this day and age. So the condoms I would see no problem with being offered. But to me this college is simply supporting irresponsibility. Not to mention that this is only encouraging unprotected sex which can lead to the spread of other diseases.

Shouldn’t we expect a little more from our higher institutions of learning? Isn’t part of educating a person not just making sure they can recite something from a book and apply it, but also teaching responsibility and wise decision making in all facets of life?



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