Pastor’s Signed Receipt Makes News

A pastor’s behavior makes news. Unfortunately, not the type of news you might expect a pastor to make.

The pastor went to eat at an Applebees restaurant after church with a large group. Because the group was more than six the check came with an automatic 18% tip on the receipt as is the policy of the restaurant. The pastor scratched out the 18% and wrote a note saying she gives God 10% so why does the server get 18%.

This receipt ended up on the internet when one of the Applebees servers took a picture and posted it on the internet. Obviously it did not take long for it to be everywhere. I don’t expect any human being to be perfect, not even a pastor. But I think it is uncalled for for anyone to do something along these lines. And it is exactly these type of actions that cause so many people to think religious people act as if they are better than everyone else. It’s not helpful in what the long term mission should be.

I can certainly understand if the pastor felt she did not receive the type of service that equaled an 18% tip. But in that case the appropriate thing to do would be to speak with a manager and see about getting the tip reduced or removed from the check. In the very least there would be no reason to leave the message comparing the amount God gets to what a server gets.

I’m not sure what the point was in mentioning God gets 10%. Is it to boost your own ego? Is it to brag about the goodness of what you are doing? One of the responsibilities is to give because you want to give, not because you want to look good for doing so. Not because you want to go around bragging about what you give. Not because giving gets you something in return. Just to give because you are giving out of the love of your heart. Sounds like that may not be the case in this situation.

And to make sure there there was no doubt about who she was, she signed her name with Pastor in front of it. Another sign that makes me think this pastor was possibly on an ego trip. What else could she of been hoping to accomplish by doing so? For the server to suddenly realize that what she had said was true because a pastor said so? Because the server was suddenly going to start going to church because of the way this person signed her receipt? Don’t think so.

The pastor has since apologized and said it was a lapse in judgement. I wonder how the congregation at the pastor’s church look upon the incident. The pastor seems to think the congregation will not look favorably upon the action since she called the restaurant manager to complain about her deed being shared with the world and how her reputation has been ruined. Why not call the manager and apologize? Meet with the server and apologize? Instead she simply apologizes to the media, therefore keeping her name in the lime light.

There are so many other and better ways she could of gotten attention served to her. It’s too bad she had to have it down for this lapse in judgement which she claims got blown way out of proportion.



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