Acting Locally to Address Global Issues

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one. – Daily Prompt


Think Global, Act Local. I think this is excellent advice.

We all see problems that break our hearts on a regular basis. Every time you sit down to watch the evening news, read a newspaper or magazine, or sometimes just surfing the internet. But we decide there is nothing that we can do to fix the issue or make the situation any better. So we take no action.

The problem is something that happens over there. Or that problem happens because parents are not being good parents. Or that problem happens because of something else which we have no way to control or affect.

But that is exactly why the problem continues. I would agree that there are problems we will not have the power to immediately affect or put a dent in. After all, we are only one person who lives in a specific area.

That is where Act Local comes into play. If everyone just did what they could do we would all make a huge impact together.

Can we, by ourselves, solve the problem of people going hungry? Nope. But if each of us did a small act of donating to a food pantry we could make a big difference as a whole. Even if everyone only donated one can or one dollar. Think how great an impact on the world that would have.

Can we, by ourselves, solve the problem of bullying in schools and other places? Nope. But if each of us parents made sure that our children knew the importance of kindness and made sure to reenforce that when we saw them doing the opposite – what a difference that would make.

Can we, by ourselves, solve the problem of violence against innocent individuals? Nope. But if each of us took responsibility for our own actions and made sure we were did not perpetrate the violence then there would be no violence against innocent individuals.

We often don’t act because we look at ourselves as just one person. We can’t make the difference that is needed to be made. And that is why the issues continue. To paraphrase what a pastor at my church says often – It’s not about me. And it’s not about us. It’s about what God can do through us in the world.

Each of us need to do whatever we can to help solve the issue. If everyone does that, then all the actions together will add up in order to address the larger, global issues. What can you do today to affect the issues that break your heart when you see the news story?


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4 Responses to Acting Locally to Address Global Issues

  1. I love your quote about many small changes leading to great change. Well done!

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  3. seeker says:

    I am a lone ranger. Good questions.

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