The Gun Control Opponents

Obviously, one of the hot topics in current events today is gun control. You have one side which is looking for more gun control. The other side seems to think there is no room for improving gun control.

The most vocal side seems to be the pro-gun crowd. I can’t look anywhere without someone having posted that their guns are their right based on the 2nd amendment in the Constitution.

I certainly understand and support their right to voice their opinion. But many of the opinions I see voiced I don’t see how they feel can be helping their argument. If they were posting reasonable arguments based on facts, then I could see that.

But that’s not what I am seeing. I am seeing posts on Facebook about how they are going to have to pry their guns out of their hands if they can. I am seeing posts where one person said they would blow a hole in anyone’s head who came and tried to take the guns. Posts that make it very clear that many of these people are willing to break the law to keep their guns.

How exactly is this helping their cause? It’s only serving to make a point for those who want more gun control laws that the people on the other side can not be trusted to think reasonably about the situation. If they can’t think reasonably, is it reasonable to think there is no need for additional gun control laws?

It reminds me of a bunch of children who respond to someone who asks them to do something with the comeback of “Who’s going to make me?” Kinda childish, don’t you think? Sure seems like a way to sway people over to your point of view to me!


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3 Responses to The Gun Control Opponents

  1. Aewl says:

    I believe that No Gun Control crowd is that way on basic principle. Just as journalists and bloggers are pretty much united on the First Amendment, so too are gun owners on the Second Amendment. Throughout our history, our country has kept unchanged the Bill of Rights which are the first 10 amendments. How would you feel if the police violated your Fourth Amendment rights which is protection against unreasonable search and seizure? Oh wait, they already violate that right on a daily basis as do TSA at airports.

    Just remember, guns don’t kill people, it’s crazy mixed up insane people who should be locked up in mental institutions but aren’t due to Democrats that kill people.

    • joec0321 says:

      I am not one to say that all guns should be taken away. I understand it is the people who operate the guns who do the killing, not the guns. I do believe thought that there should be tighter restrictions on what guns can be owned and how many. I see no reason why anyone needs to own a whole stash of military caliber weapons.

      I also see no problem with the search at airports. It’s for the greater good. I would rather have someone inspect me or search my things that to be blown up in an airplane in the sky where I have very little opportunity to defend myself.

      • Aewl says:

        They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Benjamin Franklin

        The above quote pretty much says it all.

        My opinion is if the people of the United States want to change the Second Amendment, then there is a process where they should effect it. That process is by proposing another amendment to repeal the Second Amendment. If 2/3 of Congress and 2/3 of the States agree to it, then by all means, I would go along with it and so would the vast majority of people.

        Obviously this is a non-starter, due to gun control advocates actually being in the minority of the population of the United States at this time.

        As far as why you see no reason for anyone to own a whole stash of military caliber weapons, what exactly are you defining as military caliber weapons? Since 1934, military weapons have been outlawed in the United States.

        Some people like to have guns, just like some people like to have lots of books. I imagine a gun owner with a stash of weapons might find no reason why anybody blogs at all.

        Yes, the last paragraph was in jest, but I hope by using an exaggerated example, you begin to grasp my point.

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