Roles Others Play in Our Lives


Do you ever think of all the different people who have passed through your life? Most don’t end up being permanent fixtures but I am convinced that everyone you come into contact with plays a role in your life.

Some people are there to teach you. Not just teachers and instructors as you go through school. But people you come in contact with can teach you a lot about yourself. They teach you how to interact with different styles of people. The difficult person, the selfish person, the introvert, the know it all, etc. They can teach you knew skills and talents.

Some people come across your path in order to help you grow and stretch your comfort level. Those who encourage you to get out and participate in different activities and events. They can provide you the inspiration you need to motivate yourself to shoot for higher goals. Whether it’s to learn new disciplines such as eating well, working out, or even by inspiring you to be a better person, spouse, or parent.

Some people come across your path in order to lead you or be lead by you. For you to show by example or to see an example. Maybe they are struggling with an issue in an area you are really strong in or vice versa.

Some people are there to love you and teach you how to love them in return. Sometimes the best way to learn how to love someone else is by receiving that love. You can see the actions which can make you feel the most loved and see the grace with which that love is provided to you even when you may not always deserve it based on your actions.

The question comes down to what type of person do you want to be to the people you come in contact with? I think different relationships require different roles from all of us. Some relationships we are the teacher, some we are the motivator or inspiration provider. But I think it’s important that we always show love in all relationships we have.

Jesus provided the perfect example of this. He loved everyone, even those who considered him to be their enemy. Even the one who he knew was going to be a traitor in the end. Can you and do you do the same?


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