The IVF Adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion. – Daily Prompt


I’m going to write a post with an open ending, but the conclusion is going to be written by God. It’s probably already written and just not made known to us yet.

My wife and I have an adorable daughter which it took us seven years of trying to have. She was a blessing and a miracle. It was something that my wife had about given up on. I had asked her to try one more time to see what happened and low and behold we were successful.

She is now five. We have been trying for another baby for the last several years, once again unsuccessfully. We did have one success but lost it pretty early in the pregnancy. During this time the process has been complicated by intense migraines my wife had started suffering with. The medicine involved in fertility treatments can cause headaches as well.

This time around the tables seemed to be turned. My wife was the one pushing to keep trying. I had come to be okay with the fact that we may only ever get the blessing of one child. We discussed not going any further because of the migraines and not wanting to add on top of them. Plus she would need to stop the medicines she was on to try and control the migraines. Normally I am the positive one of the two of us. This time I was not so positive about the situation and she has remained so the full time.

So we did the IVF process. At the start of this process we discovered something that said gluten sensitivity caused headaches in some people. She cut the gluten out of the diet and the headaches have stopped. She has been able to completely cut off the medicine and still have no headaches. The medicines involved have not created any additional headaches.

All through the process my wife has responded exactly as the doctors hoped. Perfect blood work, the eggs grew amazingly. We retrieved nine, which the doctors were very happy with since my wife only has one ovary. Seven of those fertilized. Two of them turned out to be what the described as absolutely perfect embryos which they were able to put back in this morning.

So at this point, the rest of the way is just a waiting game. Nothing further that can be done other than wait, pray, and see if they take. I have come to the point where I am positive that this going to work. Everything all along has went so perfectly. But the conclusion of this great adventure is going to be revealed by God himself. Whatever his plan is is what will be.

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  1. rc0321 says:

    Me too! I know this is it w

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