Childhood Revisited

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them? – Daily Prompt


I had what I would consider a good childhood. I was raised in a home where I knew I was loved and cared for. I had everything I needed and then more. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to live in a household where my parents were still together and we didn’t have to worry about split parenting and where we were going to be from one week to the next.

If there was one thing I would say I wish had been different it would be that I was more involved in school activities and especially generating long lasting friendships. I had one close friend throughout my childhood who I still have some connections with now. My next door neighbor for most of my life.

Beyond that however I can’t say I had any long lasting friendships that lasted beyond the current year in school. I find myself jealous of those who have friends they still know from grade school or high school. I was a quiet, introverted person. Still am for the most part. So making friends and establishing strong relationships was never a strong point of mine. Still isn’t today.

Is this something that makes me less advantaged then others? No. It’s just something that I wish was different.

As for my own daughter’s life, the only thing that stands out to me that I would like to be different for her is that she is an only child. She constantly talks about how things would be different if she had a little brother. How she could teach him to dance, do gymnastics, or whatever else.

She is very good at making friends and relates very well with other kids. She is a social butterfly in any situation she is put in. I am so grateful that, at least to this point, she seems to have no issue with making friends. I hope that this continues through out her life.

She gets plenty of time to interact with others through church, the YMCA, dance, and other activities she attends. But I think she would be so happy to have a sibling. Is it going to ruin her for life if she does not? Of course not. And if she had a sibling she probably would be less likely to want to include me in her play activities.

Time will tell if a sibling is in the works for her. Either way however, I think she is going to survive and be just fine, just like I was.


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