A Cup of Joe

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. – Daily Prompt


A Cup of Joe is the title for my blog. Why that name you ask?

In some places people refer to a cup of coffee as a cup of Joe. People often look forward to their daily dose of coffee as a way to kick start their day. Some people can not continue on their way without being grumpy and hard to deal with. I would like to think that people look forward to my blog postings in the same way.

A lofty goal indeed, but nothing wrong for shooting for the stars, right?

The name also relates to a measurement of sorts. A cup of sugar, flour, etc. The daily dose of my opinion or theories. So I thought the name also fit in that sense as well.

I find myself being pretty proud of the name of the blog. I’m not normally a creative or catchy person so coming up with a name like A Cup of Joe was something that I found myself pretty proud of.

So, there is the story behind the name. Nothing fancy or catchy. No crazy, aha moment. But it’s a name I like and that is the bottom line.



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